The focus on Glass should be for runners where seeing vitals, distances/gradients, and time information makes sense.
Unless you are travelling in new surroundings and require navigation or points of interest, there is no value in displaying anything in your field of view
Possibly time/reminders, SMS/social media text, or incoming caller information.
What it needs to do to be successful is register eye movement gestures correctly (blink, rapid left/right/up/down combos) Perhaps then professionals might also end up using Glass to overlay information when their hands are otherwise occupied.
Casey Lewiston
You seriously want people driving while checking their texts, browsing the web or otherwise not paying attention to what's in front of them? I'm sure video playback will end up being normal on this, and funny videos don't help people focus. Some individual's convenience and need for constant data flow doesn't really seem worth other people's lives to me. People can barely drive in a civil manner without wearing these. Maybe once we have automated cars (soon) that can change, but it can wait a couple of years.
how much longer before google finally accepts that glass is trash and closes it?
more likely they will use their political connections to get a contract with the military and use that 'exit' to declare it a success because there's no private commercial market for it.
in the military, any dude who wears it will get laughed at, and it will also break and so the money spent will be forgotten until it finally goes to the dustbin of history.
the heads up display is a huge failure and will only ever be useful for single dedicated usages. for example, night vision goggles already have a computer program running much of the visuals.
no one needs a layer of information on top of their already confusing and rich visual field. this is garbage and every giant piece of advertising disguised as a writeup continues to reinforce the point that institutional groupthink is dangerously expensive at the biggest institutions because it leads to very big mistakes., much bigger than usual small failures.
this same pattern is on even bigger display with the u.s. federal government at large.
Pmb Denton
Ha, that's because Google Glass isn't consumer ready, 90% of the time, the only real world use this has is for Point of View filming which there are far better looking things out there... I'm getting these as you still look normal and happily go around filming things as you don't look like a Cyborg...
@Nairda - what makes you assume that a lot of people aren't travelling in new surroundings regularly? I for one am young and in a good job and can afford to travel and do travel to new countries several times a year so for me this would be beneficial.
@Casey - don't you think that by making information instantly accesible it will reduce people's desire to glance away from the wheel and check it? People are going to check/update their info regardless. If you can do that in a less obtrusive way then surely that will be safer? Also I'm pretty sure people will only be checking text messages and voicemails whilst they're driving along, not funy videos!!!
Matt Fletcher
Excellent write-up on by Will Shankin. This article points out his likes and dislikes clearly, not something so easily found today. I am intrigued by the possibility of being able to look up whatever I want whenever I want quickly without having to go to the app and type. I guarantee you when I get these I will be attaching the 30,000 mAh portable battery I have, so I won't have to worry about running out of battery. I see this initially being able to work on it's own as it does now, quick and with minimal interface (for music, photos, texting, directions, light reading, quick answers) or attached to a Smartphone that will provide additional power and higher quality use and interface (camera, prolonged reading, gaming, movies). Thanks again Gizmag & Happy New Year (from 1 of your biggest fans & religiously daily reader)
Unless you could read a book or play a game on it whilst walking I don't see the appeal since you must have a phone on you anyway, and phone displays are mostly getting larger these days
I don't get why they can't put the tech in a few different styles of sunnies with self tinting lenses to reduce the Borg look.
Does 'easily send a reply' involve talking to yourself and trusting the voice/text converter.
And the biggie - what happens if they fall off you head!
Not saying a good percentage of well off people don't travel to unknown places and require guidance.
Its just that there would have to be an unusual set of circumstances that would prevent somebody form using a smartphone for the same task (given both phones and Glass feed off a mobile broadband connection)
Particularly given that a 5" smartphone screen will display a $1.00 nav app beautifully over some awkward $1,500 mono low res HUD.
Exception would be a HUD in a bike helmet, but there is better stuff for that too: (
Charles Jones
The jury is still out on this one, it's hard to be totally negative or positive about this item for now . I am waiting to see the final version without all the hype and speculation. As with all consumer products that want to be the next big thing, Everything depends on the over all acceptance of the final version.
Jack N Fran Farrell
Although this article correctly focusses on what a beta test version of Glass could do for you this year. A number of "Glass holes" have parroted anti Glass PR (look in the mirror you know who you are), so I feel free to go off topic and discuss custom Glass options of the future.
Assistance to handicapped individuals, Security in environments where privacy is not an issue and special purpose sensing for industrial or health use cases can all be accommodated by hands free sensor hardware/Apps combos. Within 5 years twice the number of sensors with eight times the computer processing, half the volume and One quarter of the power consumption will be possible within the Glass design envelope. Numerous design it yourself options will assist human sensors that nature wisely gave directional capability and mounted on your head.