Mark Penver
Google needs highstreet stores to boost themselves. It's the one thing Apple did right. More / less people would buy this if they could go and see how it feels and how effective the screen is.
Useful information ... but, as a normal, frequently driving, 'vari-focal, spectacles wearing', 75 year old - do I detect that these Google Glass devices are not targeted at me? Quite apart from the probability that they will be banned from use whilst driving - anyway ?
Seth Kazzim
I have to wear glasses, what about me? Can wait to hook it up to the Samsung S4!
Bruce H. Anderson
I believe this will revolutionize personal computing the same way that Segway revolutionized personal transport.
Matthew Harden
So now it has onboard storage? And why did you use the plural of "camera" when speaking of Glass?
glasses why don;t they talk about how someone who already has glasses, will use them? oh here it is/was === Google Glass may not support prescription lenses at launch 11th March, 2013 == @#$@#$ == ok then forget you too
The real problem with the concept is the need to look up-and-to-the-right to view the HUD, meaning you will a) look rude or like an idiot if you are talking to another person or b) get distracted from what you are doing which could be dangerous if that happens to be driving. This could become the next Segway - where the literati are all agog but in the real world it becomes a bit of a joke.
Artem Down
@f8lee since when have you driven a car and stared at the road 100 percent of the time? A quick look to the upper left won't be dangerous, provided you do it at not-idiotic times. Plus, it's good that you have to look away from the person you're speaking to to activate the HUD because if not then you wouldn't know if someone is really listening to you or just browsing porn.
B Gold
I object to the snarky Segway comments. The Segway was killed by too much government regulation (and indecision). The explanation why so many lightweight motor vehicle concepts are three-wheeled (to escape automobile regulations); ditto the 49cc/50cc scooter/cycle nonsense. The Segway has had/has copycat knockoffs. A Segway design could climb stairs for the infirm and handicapped. It is out of my price range but mass production economies of scale were killed by govt. regs. One of the many reasons why we as a nation are foundering - even when "we" come up with good ideas, only the biggest can get them past regulatory roadblocks.
Frank MacAulay
Memo to Sergei: There are over half a billion websites and every last one of them is covered with link buttons that the user must click on in order to navigate. Must Glass users call out: "Glass: click on the Buy Now button" in order to make their purchase? Failure to provide an adequate web-browsing experience will render this silly over-use of technology a Segway in spades. Everywhere, smartphone users are choosing to type text messages to people rather than talk directly with them on the same device ... doesn't than mean something? Are all these people who love texting and tweeting for its privacy now going to start sending their tweets by talking to Glass? Not likely!