November 18, 2008 Celebrated automative designer Gordon Murray was last night awarded the prestigious ‘Idea of the Year’ accolade at Autocar magazine’s annual awards ceremony for the T.25, a radical, innovative design for a new type and class of personal transport vehicle. Autocar’s editor Chas Hallett said, “Gordon Murray is looking to completely reinvent the cars that we buy and the way they are made. And from what we’ve seen it doesn’t get a much better idea than that”. Three of Murray's diminutive T.25 vehicles will fit in a single parking space.

“Innovation is only part of a process”, Gordon Murray said. “Our manufacturing process is a complete re-think on the way we build cars and will totally transform automobile production. We believe that the T.25 architecture and manufacturing process combined will represent the biggest step forward in our automotive world since the model T Ford, exactly 100 years ago”.

The Company’s manufacturing process brings with it the benefits of a massive reduction in capital investment and environmental damage. ‘Real world’ quotations for the new manufacturing process have shown that all the ambitious targets for a huge reduction in manufacturing, running and lifecycle CO2 damage reductions will be met or bettered.

The T.25 architecture includes a separate body/chassis assembly which can be adapted to many new powertrains, fuels and body styles. Prototype build of the T-25 will begin in early 2009. Gordon Murray Design is currently in the process of selecting potential customers and partners.

The Company can offer anything from a simple licensing agreement for the manufacturing I.P through to a turn-key car programme to Job 1, including factory building design and assembly line layout. The T.25, the first example to use the manufacturing process, is completed in principal and prototype build will begin in early 2009.