So where the hell does your carry-on luggage go
David Anderton
as long as these have adequate storage space for carry on i'm in.
Brilliant idea!
Keep the bag between your feet... even if you sleep, nobody will take it here in Abu Dhabi.
João Martins
Abu Dhabi was really needing something like this, it could never be the hub Emirates wants it to be when it doesn't have enough seats or electrical plugs (which most are awkwardly placed in the middle of empty corridors).
I fear smells though.
Good idea. Looks stylish. But claustrophobic. I don't understand why it could not have bee made with a higher Roof and dark tinted glass where you can see out but others can't see in.
There really was really no need to resemble an egg. The space could have been used for hand carry luggage, your own notebook, and a snack table. Even surround speakers..
Other airports are now going to outdo these, by simply being more functional without sacrificing style.
Something similar should substitute uncomfortable airliner seating.
Mr E
If the pod's arockin don't come aknockin?
Jon A.
Seems like a fairly inefficient use of space, particularly valuable window space.
A Japanese-style "coffin motel" would give a little more space and privacy, while being far more space-efficient.
Doc Rock
My first thought was if you can make those water resistant, and have a well to do backer, then handing them out all over the world to homeless people would be a godsend to them. I betcha that the claustrophobia wouldn't bother *them*! I can just hear the protests now, though! ;-) "it's too good for them" or "they'll just sell them for drugs" or "it'll just contribute to their laziness" or.. hell, there's a million others that people that think they're better than the rest have used.. I, however, think it's a great idea.. and even for the better off segment of society,, I'd rather rent one of these than a hotel room just to sleep in.. no wasted space.. and heck, it's even got a TV.. looks like luxury to me ;-)