I think it is really cool and very green. I can see it being used where there might be a power outage due to a storm and/or power lines being damaged. Being portable, it would be great for camping.
Atul Malhotra
Price price price
Thats the key for developing nations ....Gimme it for less than 200 USD, and I will buy 5 !
Jay Finke
How does a guy clean this, and is the tube made of glass ? looks like it's custom built to cook a snake, a great idea for third world countries. Throw another snake on the barbie mate.
@ Atul: the company gives away one over for each five purchased and has a plan to work with developing countries.
I own a Solar oven (the original Sunoven) but will probably buy this one for backpacking. It also works to easily make water safe to drink.
Bruce Crosby
How about using it to run a Sterling engine and generate electricity?
Don Duncan
I have a Solar Flare: Parabolic Cooking System, cost, $70. It doesn't cook much (a quart) or fast (2-4 hours) or in cloudy weather. It blows away easily and must be anchored, which is a bother. It requires disassembly for mobile use.
I wish I had waited for the GoSun Stove and paid the extra $150.
@ Jay,
If snake is not on your menu, try a foot long hotdog, salamander (the amphibian) or a baguette.
The Skud
Looks neat, until you get a few kms into the wilderness with no backup gas stove - left it in the pickup - and get a few very cloudy days! "I thought I heard you say this would be fun!!!!" "Yes dear" "No dear"
At that price it should include a solar-powered rotisserie motor driving the cooking tube (fully sealed off so it will spin - slowly - without spilling...) Then, make it large enough diameter to slide in a pork loin (or a healthy section of Anaconda for Jay Finke above) and it'll roast up juicier than anything! Slap on some barbeque sauce, with pickles & onions on the side, and YUM! :-)
Jay Finke
@ thk - MzunguMkubwa I don't see myself cooking on one of these anytime soon, if ever ! and I enjoy my T-bone's cooked over coals with oak or mesquite. I hear the baby turtles have been plentiful at the beach this year, maybe they would be good on this type of grill, or manatee ?