Uh, perhaps I missed something, but their choice of connectors and switches is what allows them to say that this utilizes F1 and jet-fighter technology? Marketing BS!
I really think the urban version has potential, but the price would have to come down quite a bit. Maybe start by getting rid of the F1 connectors and aerospace switches?
William Blackburn
\"the additional cost has not been passed onto the consumer.\"
While these guys may know lots about building bikes, they don\'t know anything about money.
Scott Nicolson
its a great looking product, shame about the price though.
For $800 -- that would be a real nice thing to have.
For $8700 -- forget about it!
Take my personal measurements and have the bike tuned in sorta speak to my personal size and all and I would definitely put this bike in my garage. The price does at first seem a bit steep but, after considering how it would affect my overall health and the environment\'s too the price seems quite well set. Me likey this E-Bike!
Despite the aerospace technology you´ll get just as wet when it rains, or from sweating the way back when, after 50 km the batteries run out... I think when you want to enjoy biking its best done without battteries and the kick you get when you do 50 km on your own juice is worth much more than any aerospace switch stuck onto a bicycle. For those 8000 plus bucks you can get a wonderful bike and a pretty nice motorcycle to go with it for when you want to go fast on two wheels without the effort. And both will carry you further than 50 km. Anyday.
It is a striking looking bike but costs more than my motorcycle. Also no mention of weight leads me to believe its a big of a tank which further leads me to believe it would not fare especially well off road where weight translates to slow handling and slow handling translate to lower speeds overall. Or translates to seeing how tree bark tastes.
And don\'t even get me started on the irony of a bicycle you don\'t get any exercise riding.
I like it but I don\'t $8700 like it.
I started to watch the video.....but closed it down after 10 seconds of the nonsense [music?] or rather....bad techno loop. Why do these people think this junk enhances viewing experience? Ian Colley.
This sounds like yet more people who have never really ridden bicycles deciding they can do better. For one thing, it would be illegal in the US, where electric bicycles by law are limited to 1hp and only 20mph under their own power. 110 watts of headlights? That\'s going to eat battery power like crazy and even motorcycles usually have only 65/55w bulbs. IP67 is just crazy. Are they expecting to ride this underwater? IP56 or IP65 would have been more than enough.
There is not a street in the world where this bike is legal. Especially the country of origin.....
Excerpt from:
European Union
Defined Electrically-assisted cycles are usually classified as either pedelecs or e-bikes. Under European Union regulations adopted in the UK in June 2003, only power-assisted cycles meeting the pedelec classification are considered to be pedal cycles. The maximum power allowed in the European Union for (pedelec) electric bicycles is 250 W, with a maximum assisted speed of 25 km/h.[15]. To meet the pedelec specification the electric motor must be activated by the rider\'s pedalling effort and the power must cut out completely whenever the rider stops pedalling. Control of the motor by pedalling is often the key difference between a pedelec and e-bike. A new European product safety standard EN 15194 will be published in 2009. EN 15194 contains several new requirements for ebikes to be sold in European Union and European Economic Area, including weight and voltage limitations. EN 15194 also defines a specific name for EU approved electrically-assisted cycles, EPAC - \"Electrically Pedal Assisted Cycle\". Earlier UK regulations required that the motor has an average power output limited to 200 W (250 W for tricycles and tandems) and weight limited to 40 kg (60 kg for tricycles and tandems). These regulations must come in-line with the EU regulations by (find deadline). For models sold before June 2003, e-bikes conforming to the speed, weight and power limits may also be considered pedal cycles. Electric bikes with higher power outputs, or those not meeting the \"pedelec\" definition are now treated as motorcycles and require a license.