What about using it as a water purifier?????? Seems like the obvious first-line commercial application to me...
Paul Hutchinson
Graphene oxide straw = straw that only lets water through?
So, what about hydrogen? Will it contain that molecule? If so, then this material could have huge advantages when leveraged for use in a hydrogen energy infrastructure as a storage container liner. (This is one of the significant hurdles in using hydrogen as a fuel: its hard to store, since it leaks from almost any container over time...)
I also see this being a wonderful water filter membrane... there\'s much talk in this article of removing water from solutions to preserve the other contents, but I see it more as a way to purify the water by containing/separating any impurities.
Chris Helenius
\"don\'t offer ideas for any immediate applications\"
Extracting potable water comes first to mind.
A superb garment for Denise Richards, perhaps? With other vapor barriers, astronauts might use it to collect & purify water vapor from cometary debris.
Bob Ehresman
Ultralight ultra strong film that is impermeable to helium....
Sounds like a next generation airship or high altitude balloon material to me...
As other suggest \"water purification\" maybe simply for turning salty sea water into drinking water. If a cheap enough system can be established then this technology may even save the world from wars in the future. Right now we have wars over control of oil, but there are conflicts where water is part of the agenda like how Israel try to take over the occupied areas.
Purifying water for fuel cells. In a closed H-O system, the recirculated water needs to be as pure as possible to help keep the fuel cell\'s membrane from being polluted by impurities. This material would ensure that the system\'s water was as close to absolutely pure as possible.
I don\'t think this would work well for purifying water. The vapor transfer rate is too low. However, if it could be laminated to a durable fabric, it could well be the next generation breathable waterproof membrane. Imagine a rainsuit that could block rainwater but which lets sweat escape as if you weren\'t wearing anything. Look out, Gore-Tex.