Jay Finke
that\'s a trip. GOOD work guys these might be useful when we manage to kill off all of the bee\'s, we are going to need something to do pollination and with a little tweaking looks like you might have something amazing. it makes me feel better. once again nice work ! jay Florida
Dan Stillings
Wow. The flips were cool, but the figure-8 maneuver was astounding!!!
Mark Smith
No way! Watch the video!!!! Amazing
Wow!! Would love to use this to record incidents like the ones going on in Tibet where we have no access, no press etc. PLUS, the added bonus of the shock of seeing these things flying in formation might incite the idea of alien intervention, which always has the potential to quell petty disputes among humans.
Jim Andrews
Okay guys , I am now officially impressed with what you have done here. I can appreciate the amount of work that you have put into the project. Great work and astounding results. Good Job !!!
Nick Herbert
Extremely interesting - and the technological implications are immense. Not least with the future of your local annual air display - which may now move indoors on bad-weather flying days and be performed to scale...Remote-controlled livestock control is another option, or Emergency Rescue scenarios - with a swarm of IR-equipped \"seeker\" drones looking for casualties inside burning/smoke-filled/collapsing buildings. The downside is the \"Terminator\" effect - we all have to be on the lookout for \'the Rise of the Machines\'...
Flipider Comm
Border patrol could use this to fallow persons on interest who leave in separate directions or during a firefight keeping track of persons locations around the A.O.
Gavin Greaves
Fantastic work. Swarm formation software is not just important for flying but for all forms of imdividual communal transport units from ground to water to air.
Can be applied to cars, tramways, boats, New personal transport vehicles and the Jetsons is finally here - the Skyway!!
Mark A
Wonderful work. How many of them do I need to carry me to work - autonomously?
Kim Holder
Why is \'Ride of the Valkyries\' suddenly running through my head?