Love it. But that's a lot of coin.
I thought it would be over 20K, nice job
Looks like Zero is really using their tech for good use. I'm looking forward to the day that 500 miles to a charge is no big deal. My Prius Prime plugin goes 25+/- miles on electric. Bought new with a tankful of fuel from the dealer and the gas gauge hasn't budged off the Full mark. Waiting to see the electric bill. Electric is now but so few people have no idea what they are missing out on. Some day the airliners will be all electric and won't that be something.
I find that price "shocking". Pun intended. Because sitting on a giant battery pack while you're soaking wet is probably not the safest thing in the world. And that charge time means you have to buy two if you want to be out all day. Some things just aren't better as electric over gas. This is definitely one of them.
@zr2s10...these are early days. Battery prices will drop by 50% to 75% over the next 3 to 5 years and then this craft will cost $12k or less, possibly even $7k. And it will go for 1.25 to 1.5 hours. Eventually gasoline just can't compete. For light transportation and water craft that will be in the next 5 to 10 years. More likely 5. Gasoline powered craft are noisy, hazardous, not good for your health and more prone to breakdown due higher pressure and temperatures of the engines. You are like the people who believed an automobile will never outrun a horse! LOL!
habakak, I've been hearing battery prices will drop, but the number you quote in that time frame? Beyond optimism. The noise is part of the fun, AND, not that bad on PWC. And breathing the exhaust may be bad for your health, but not as bad as getting electrocuted, and you're not sucking it in directly anyway. I'm hardly comparable to the automobile never replacing horses type, but electric power isn't a magic cure all to everything on the planet. The right tool for the job, and this is not a good fit for PWC. I wouldn't buy a SxS or ATV that was electric either.
Can we just get the info without the sales pitch? It was over one minute into the two minute video before we even got the first glimpse of the PWC an the gratuitous shot of the woman flinging her wet hair back did not inform at all. Save the Spielberg crap for him school. Great looking product from what little the video showed.
Derek Howe
Nice, it wont be long before all modes of transportation goes electric. Now if only electric prices would lower.
For the person who thinks that you can get shocked by a dc battery in water: You may not be educated enough to browse a science site...
Craig Jennings
Never mind the noise and pollution..... Think of the maintenance saved!!! But agree with previous sentiment, would be nice to see it doing something :)