They wont sell here well but they should sell a ton in Europe.
This whole electric car thing has bugged me from the beginning. With fewer parts, an electric car should cost less than a gas powered one. The electric controls shouldn't cost that much either. If the government and manufactures weren't trying to extract every dollar of profit and taxes rather than trying to save the planet, the transition to electrics would progress rather rapidly. Rather than hand any money to the Paris Accord, just give 7 million American families $15,000 to spend on an electric car or solar panels for their home. IF the U.S. has the largest carbon footprint then let's spend the money here and not hand it to a bunch of global warming con men.
An original electrified 'Mini,' (not the massive vehicles with the same name, that replaced them) would have much the same appeal as the original, and this car seems to be very close to that, and ideal for city use, where the majority of the pollution is created, by IC engines. Contrary to Vincent Wolf, I think that in the highest Polluted US cities, they may arouse some interest from the commuter, and certainly in places like London that now has a 'pollution tax,' they would circumvent that tax completely and indefinitely. I agree wholeheartedly with 'Nobody's' comments.
Dumping a product at near bargain-basement prices is also intended to put others out of business and take over a market. A state run economy makes that much easier. And they answer to no one when it comes to dumping toxic waste in battery production - they have a track record! A cheap car from said country raises many red flags for some of us.
Jonathan Colvin
Nobody: much of the cost of an electric car is the battery. When they get cheaper, so will the cars
Personally I don't see any use for electric vehicles until they can deliver the same performance, mileage and refill speed as a conventional car and at below zero temperatures. Today I can drive my gas guzzler for 600+ kilometres, refill in 5 minutes and all at a comfortable inside temperature of 21 deg C. while in the minus temps outside. I haven't seen any E car that can do that nor tow a trailer for any reasonable distance.. Call me when they can.
Leonard Foster Jr
Good luck trying to bring it to America doubt it would pass crash testing but would sell like hot cakes under $18k
Very move to renewable energy is a small step forward. Now to get North American manufacturers on board for inexpensive electric!!
$40-50,000 electric vehicles are nice for the well off and ecoterrorists BUT sure aren't going to convince the average Joe to go electric!!
This vehicle, or one very much like it will be my next car but they need to keep the cost down. My wife already drives a Nissan Leaf. My daughter too. Wonderful. These are becoming more popular here in New Zealand ' cos we have access to the second-hand Japanese car market otherwise a Leaf is way too expensive new.
As much as I'd hate to see folks out of a job, it sure would be a huge benefit to the consumer to be able to buy vehicles directly from the manufacturer here in the States. Current dealer networks will likely never fully go away (some still prefer the services offered), but they certainly could remain as maintenance centers. Now however, the NADA lobbies are too powerful to allow this change, but I feel it is ultimately inevitable. This is particularly true with electrics on the rise (as I hope they are!) Now, where's that magical ultra-battery tech we need? ☻