The trick is to build it quickly enough so that it doesn't get destroyed by a tornado before it is complete. Good luck to everyone on that one!
I'm sure the architects can get inspiration from Devil's Tower and design into it hotel rooms, glass walk, BASE jumping, restaurants, etc. But, I think tornadoes are too much a part of American culture to say good riddance to.
Jay Gatto
Why not use wind farms to absorb, and disperse wind energy accumulation?
Noel K Frothingham
More than that, thk, what would be the implications elsewhere in the US?
Robert Walther
Another geoengineering psychosis. Such 'Babel' concepts can not be defended by even a 'good intentions' label. The reality is just plain nuts.
Sean Reynolds
+1 Jon Catling Wind farms are the smart way to use the energy rather than just trying to block it. We need Wind Farm Walls strategically placed in certain directions laid out exactly like thy might lay out the wall.
If you wish to prevent tornadoes between those three walls, they'll need to be about 100 yards apart. There are hundreds of thousands of square miles in danger from tornadoes.
Tornadoes can touch down anywhere, not just in the right spot to hit a hypothetical wall. There's no way that adding three very tall walls will do any more than inconvenience locals who will then live in the shadow of stupidity,
Dave Hanna
Robert, right on. Amazing to think someone got paid to come up with his idea.
John Kline Kurtz
I would build mountains rather than walls... landfills to start... Besides... bulldozing is fun!
dr. james willingham
Well, what about HAARP? After all, there is smart slick video on youtube which has a long list of supporters and lists The US Naval Research Lab. and the Air Force Research Lab as sources or backers. Seems that one scientist felt the HAARP manipulations of the weather might have a deleterious effect on the wether, especially in view of the butterfly effect. In other words, such big efforts as HAARP puts forth can really mess up every thing climate-wise.