the first \"Triac \"I ever saw was made in China,,,,,,,,,,,or was it ?
Island Architect
Oh lawdy, lawdy, thank the lord Jesus that the people cannot afford them!
3 wheeled motorcycles are inherently unstable and exceedingly dangerous.
Just imagine how many lives have been saved by thwarting this cackamamie BS about 3 wheeled vehicles.
And the manufacturer has been saved from untold lawsuits.
Interesting looking though it might be.
Bill Dickens
Not as attractive as the Aptera... But it\'s here(?), and Aptera looks more and more like a dead flightless bird.
Darren Johnson
If you would notice that the trike is a \"tadpole\" configuration, one that has proven to not only be more stable than \"delta\" configuration trikes, but even more stable than 4-wheel vehicles.
Perhaps a bit of research on your part would have been fitting before blurting out \"naysayer\" nonsense.
Adrian Akau
The teardrop design of the TRIAC is excellent because the tapering in the back helps reduce the vacuum suction effect that requires more engine power as speed increases.
Will, the tink
To Darren Johnson\'s comment on it beating 4-wheelers for stability, I agree. I would add that since this is an EV, we also have a very low center of gravity due to the battery pack location!
Chris Jordan
Not a bit unstable- HUGE difference between \"tadpole\" and \"delta\" 3-wheel vehicle configurations! The old Harley chopper, or even the Honda ATVs, were quite dangerous when pushed to limits, but the Triac has wheels right where the weight presses down on a fast corner (and less rear weight to \"fishtail\"). Please do research before making opinions - or better yet - try several 3-wheelers (delta AND tadpole).
when are guys like \'bill\' going to realise that the 2 wheels at the front and one at the rear are much safer than almost any other configuration ? Ah well, lack of knowledge is a poor excuse for stupid comments
Facebook User
Its their lack of knowing the past that makes them such suckers for the \"future\" and \"bleeding edge\" retreads in the first place. And we all suffer

STOP THE PETTY ARGUING! I just got on Dogpile and searched on a comparison of 3 wheel and 4 wheel stability. Now a lot of people on this site know vastly more than I do. But it seems that the people who know more could just refer a link that would resolve the question instead of saying who is smarter than the other. I think the following link is pretty good but I would like others to provide better links if this is out of date.

Best wishes to you all.