I like gyro stabilized 2 wheelers but the designers need to understand that most people like to have there sweetie ride next to them and I have never met a wife that likes riding in the back seat.
I don't like Gyro's because they are a too complicated fix for something that has far better solutions to. A 2wh vehicle nice feature is on curves you are not forced sideways and assuming a gyro can be made to really work, won't have this. Just either use one's feet or foot/other powered outrigger wheels solves the staying upright at stop problem. Adding gyro's to that gyro's need anyway just adds complication, weight, cost. Love the looks though a bit long for city use. I/m building a much shorter version Streamliner EV without gyro's which is a much better idea in every way. And I want my sweetie hugging my back feels much better than sitting beside you, No?
John Hagen-Brenner
The Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles has a 1913 Bi-Autogo made by Scripps-Booth... An outrageous steam punk two wheeler gyro stabilized monster.
Andrej RadoŇ°
Peraves ecomobile and monotracer
Scott in California
The reason the car failed to go into production was because Thomas O. Summers, Jr., used the same gyroscope technology that he invented for air-to-air missiles for the US military. The designs were considered "secret". The production of the gyro systems on a mass scale would allow the Commies (i.e. the USSR and Red China) to "catch up" and copy the secret gyroscope designs used by the US military. Alex Tremulis was directly stopped from producing the car by the US military!! I remember buying the magazine that featured a test drive narrative. It was a great read.
Hi Scott in California: Yes,I fondly remember that article,and still have the magazine around somewhere.I was going to chime in with the secret status of the gyro system,but you beat me to the punch. For jerryd: The gyro runs whenever the car is on,including at stop lights.
Leonard Foster Jr
Awesome !!!!
re; jerryd There is a difference between motorcycle and cars. Gyroscopes are simply heavy wheels spinning fast there is nothing particularly complicated about them except the physics of why gyroscopic progression happens. If you are using an electric drive system the gyroscopes can also be used as an energy storage system.
Since it dates from the pre-digital era, it's basically medium tech in comparison to most vehicles and appliances mentioned on this site, I gather it does not, for example contain a single microprocessor.
Vicki Garrison
Hi everyone- I'm with Lane Motor Museum and we thank you for your interest in this project! We haven't really published much on it yet but will put more updates on our website as we're closer to completion. One note to "Scott in California"- the museum director Jeff Lane is interested in speaking with you to learn more about what you know. Could you contact me at so I can put you in touch with him? Thank you!