Incorrect. Its not like a Segway at all. Provided the centre of gravity is below the effective centre of rotation it's inherently stable, and the canted wheels actually raise the centre of rotation which makes it more stable than if they were vertical.
@winzurf: true, but as the centre of gravity is not much lower than the wheel axis, braking hard would make the passenger compartment to roll over forwards.
I remember both seeing this happen in a old video of a concept vehicle like this one (on some discovery program) and as a kid i had a similar toy.
I believe the segway counters this by tilting backwards, but if you search youtube, you can see examples of what happens if a segway wheel is stopped abruptly for instance by hutting a bump. It looks painful.
Transparent canopy = greenhouse. Hope it's air conditioned. And why, with all that transparency, are there two big non-transparent blind spots left and right?
Isn't that 'large chrome brake lever' actually a folding armrest, designed to allow access through the door?
Alex Lekander
I have no idea. That is a damn good question. That calls for some design reworking before it should even be considered viable. They ought to do something about the extreme amount of sun that would come in (i.e. a radially opening window system on each door or blocking the light coming in the top out).
Jim Parker
Sanu K R, you stole that idea from Mr. Garrett on South Park!
What's it propelled by, telekinesis? Ah...good wishes, that must be it. Otherwise I see no room for batteries, engines, fuel tanks, fuel know...propulsion?
And what about rainy days? How does one continue to see?
Mr Stiffy
This is not particularly original - there have been a heap of "inventors" or "creators" of these things over the years...
This is just this guys version of the same general theme......
These ARE really great machines - provided ALL of your emergency braking distances are substantial.....
Mana Leituala
old concept but new in a new style...
Glenn Asquith
Hardly a new concept. There have been many ideas like this.