Awe, it's a Prius diaper. ;)
Right when I thought the prius couldn't get any uglier.. wow.
Bill Mulger
Takes me back to childhood. Am I the only one to remember ? Same thing, called the "Hatch Hutch" for the Holden Torana hatchback. Now that was a car.
Simon Gray
But how fast can you go with it up?
the way the woman on the picture is lying, it seems she might as well just close the hatch, since her feet don't really need the height.
also where do you put the stuff you had in the trunk while sleeping? and the tent may fit in the glove compartment, but i doubt that goes for the comfy mattress she's lying on?
I agree with Jaqen, if sleeping in the car then where does all your stuff go? If you need to empty the car to sleep in it then just use a tent!
Do the people who come up with these new camping designs actually spend any time outdoors?
First there was the coat that doubled as a tent, then the inflatable coat that doubled as a sleeping bag. Last week there was a sleeping bag with vents in to prevent overheating - mine already regulates heat through the use of a full length zip down the side.
A few yeas ago there were jackets that turned into rucksacks and rucksacks that turned into camp beds.
I wonder if any of these designs ever go into production?
Bruce H. Anderson
One can't but help wonder how they got a patent on that. Remember the Pontiac Aztec and it's rear tent? I am sure there are others. Both the tent and the ugly have been done before.
Huh - looks fugly, but that's actually not a bad idea. I also love this suggestion under the "Installation" link:
"Push the front seats and seat backs all the way forward. Place Sterlite storage boxes (available at Target) totaling 18” in height behind the front seats. Remove the rear headrests and tip the rear seat backs forward. When combined with the storage boxes, this extends the sleeping surface of the trunk area to a length of 80”. "
@jaqen and pt88: *that* is where you put the stuff you had in the trunk. I guess you could stuff some more on the front seats as well. Heck, I think they should sell a kit that includes all the matching storage boxes as well.
This clearly looks like something an enterprising seamstress cooked up for her own car camping, and found to work well enough to be worth trying to sell as a product.
Obviously, something like this is only going to work if you have little enough luggage that you and it actually *fit* in the car. If you like to pack your car to the roof, this product is clearly not designed for you. Duh.
The Hoff
I think you guys take way too much with you when you go camping for the weekend. I think you forget why you went there.
David Chancellor
Where's the safety? You want to pull into a rest area with your hatchback completely open and only a thin strip of cheap canvas separating you from the world while you sleep?
One of the great features of the Prius is that it DOES serve as a "hard sided" tent. Set up your sleeping area in the back, keep the hatchback closed. Leave the car on. Lock the car from the inside with the alarm system on, you have air/heat (the gas engine acts as a built-in generator).
The Habitents is not safe. It's nothing more than a waste of $90.