How interesting! I love watching these planes take off and land in Vancouver Harbor. But is the plane big enough to carry that battery pack AND people and bags? When I see those planes they are usually pretty packed already. Another question is emergency range, if the destination is under severe IFR can they make it back or fly long enough to find somewhere else safe to land? And what about charging? When you watch these guys fly it's a very short turnaround time. I'll be there this summer so maybe I'll see one!
Fairly Reasoner
Is it April 1st in Canada?
That's awesome, the flight would also be much more enjoyable, much quieter. But Mr. Chinky has good points. Charging and range will continue to be EV's thorn in the side for several years to come.
The residents of Coal Harbour will be happy once this comes to pass - those engines are very noisy on takeoff.
@guzmanchinky: "somewhere safe to land" is any available bit of open water, of which we have lots in the Pacific Northwest.
Charging time will not be a concern if they use swappable battery packs
What's the turnover point where air is massively more convenient than other modes of transport in the back PNW? Competitors in a lot of areas are boat and ATV and horse rather than train or car on highway. 50 miles? less?
Nooooooo! A thousand times no. If they want to do this, use some pretty current production airframe. Leave those Beavers alone. I also never want HAL flying my plane.
Christopher: Not necessarily. The current planes have enough fuel to get where they are going, loiter for 30 minutes, and fly all the way back if needed. If there is heavy fog down to the ground then you might need to fly a long way to get to a safe landing area.
Excellent ! The electric revolution starts Here !