it means use purell before touching your face or your food. duh.
Appart from US and some poor African countries, who uses that kind of oldfashioned money ?
It means, use credit/debit card for all shopping, instead of cash, as much as possible!
All European countries still use cash, KaiserPingo, if you search for "euro banknotes in circulation" you will find that European Central Bank data shows that in fact the number of euro banknotes in circulation is steadily increasing, from ~€8bn in 2002 to ~€25.5bn today. It seems you need to get out more!
First, the study used "plastic" bank notes, ours in the US are still printed on paper. Second, this study will indubitably be used by anti-cash bureaucrats to speed their efforts to get rid of cash in favor of traceable, fully taxable e-transactions. Orwell was a few decades off with 1984, but spot on as far as the new world order.
It means that those who want to remove one of the ways lots of people here in the UK want to pay for there stuff, by cash, will be removed, one way or another. Using this tactic will of course scarethose vulnerable in he head people into never using cash again. So the number of cash users will drop and they will say, 'Well, cash usage has dropped, so lets get rid of it.' There are still many elderly people who prefer cash, my own 82 year old mother being one of them. It's just another of breaking down society as we know it.
Rusty Harris
Just means another way to "convince" people to ditch cash. And, once that happens, say bye bye to what little privacy you have left.
Also, ANYTHING you purchase, any money you make will be traced. Makes it easier for the government to TAKE your money in the
form of taxes or, anything else.
The reason cold and flu rates go up in winter is because the cold temperatures and humidity do 2 things, the viruses live longer on surfaces and people touch their nose much more often. This certainly applies to the corona virus as well. Entering a public space thru a door, keep that in mind before touching the handle to pull, and push it open with your arm or shoulder. I have been doing this for so long that I do it without thinking. It blows me away that so many people still think you catch a cold or flu because of the cold. The coming winter will be a real test for the fight against SARS-Cov-2.
instead of wasting time testing cash, should have tested mail, frozen foods etc. cash is almost never sent overseas, but many other things are.