"no difference across a number of metabolic markers" seems the most relevant take away message.
the only proven therapy benefiting human health is (serious) physical activity. Do it in the morning before (possibly no sugary/sweet) breakfast to lose weight
There is only one simple way to lose weight by fasting method.

First of all you have to switch your energy source to fat from carbohydrates so that the metabolism gets used to converting fat into energy. Never go hungry which will shift your metabolism into conservation mode.

Next thing to do is totally fast twice a week with 2 & 3 days breaks in between. On the days of fasting your body will shift to body fat for energy without even a hiccup. AND you will lose weight.
David Wilson
Over the last 18 months I have been only eating once ever 24hrs and I have lost 8st, but I am also reducing carbs to as near zero as possible, only meat, fowl and fish, brilliant!
Gaby Capó
Say What??!!


Can't argue with results. My while family has a history of being overweight. We're all doing it with impressive results. All I see here is a failed lab experiment. Time window should be 5hrs... Not 8!! If the window is too big, it won't trigger the fat burning process as it's not enough time to burn leftover sugar in bloodstream. Also, needs be only one full meal, in between smaller snacks.
I do a 7hr time window and it does not have as great results as my relatives that manage to do the 5hr window, but even then I see somewhat something. 8 hrs is just darn stupid.

Gawd some people go to college and college just doesn't go thru them. Diplomas are OVERRATED
Tried 16:8. Didn’t work for me - just ate like a horse as soon as the 8 hours started.
Panayis Zambellis
8 hour window is too long, it means that at least 2 feeding sessions are possible during this time frame not surprising results are inconclusive and hardly merit basing any personal dietary decision on this science. Reducing the feeding time frame to 4 hours might yield better results and help participants transition away from constantly eating and help their body adjust to a single daily feeding session. Getting overweight subjects with possible underlying health issues to adjust to this might prove to be to invasive.
Kyle McHattie
The study is flawed. Of course it's not going to show weight loss because insulin is not lowered by eating limited carbs. IF is done in conjunction with Keto or Carnivore. There ARE clinical studies that completely refute this study. I am not sure who paid for this study, but I am guessing it will have been funded by companies and industries that are losing money because IF done right actually DOES work and millions already know it. Don't be fooled by this bullshit, people. Test IF with Keto or Carnivore for yourself.
Not sure why there's no difference. I did something very similar: I didn't eat anything before 4 pm (granted more stringent than their time span)--I just consumed my morning black coffee then water. Over 7 weeks I lost ~30 lbs. And boy do I love my ice cream at the end of the day!
What's worked for me is total extended fast, 30 hrs to over 72 hrs. Once I've reached my target weight....... if I gain a couple of pounds I fast long enough to get into ketosis and try to lose by adding MCT powder to my coffee and maybe eat 1 can of sardines per day. That sates the hunger and allows slow weight loss without too much loss of energy.

2000 calories of doughnuts are not the same as 2000 LCHF food. IF with 16/8 is popular because it works in reducing insulin resistance.