Sign me up for the trials!
Does anyone have any more info about Clinical Trials for this?? Or if they need test subjects for their trials??
Hi, I would like to sign up for the clinical trial. Please me know, thanks
Fretting Freddy the Ferret pressing the Fret
Wow. This could make such a huge change in the quality of life for a lot of people, especially elderly people.
It was shots close to my ears when in military training that f-damaged my hearing significantly. So this would be wonderful if it works, before I take up residence in the local boneyard.
Word of warning.. Perfect hearing is a Grand promise ("Huh, what was that you said, I know it all too well."), but medical trials don't always go according to plan...
I wonder if a treatment such as this, if it ever makes it to market, would help someone like me, who has a sensorineural profound loss in the left ear and a moderate loss in the right?
David Anderson
I wonder if this treatment could have any effect on tinnitus...
I wonder if it would work for baldness?
If the nerve pathways from the inner ear to the brain are the cause of hearing loss, this may not help.