Thats what i like to see, Military technology being developed to protect rather than kill. The future is now!
So guess the drone and missile people are now working on ways to prevent laser kills - gotta love how one technology forces another to innovate. Roll on the stealth cloak or ablative laser reflective armour - or super conductive energy dispersive armour
FabianC: Judging from the position of the laser I have no doubt it could be used to engage soft ground targets as well ;)
This is another expensive thing the army is wasting money on. It would seem to be so simple to defeat. Four or five mortars firing at or near the same time. The laser couldn't get them all. No telling what these behemoths would cost. At the end of WW2 the Germans used a simple hand launched rocket, The Panzerfaust (sp), to wreak havoc on the Russian tanks during the battle for Berlin. So much cheaper to defeat this weapons effectiveness. This humanitarian attitude about warfare is what got many of our men killed in Vietnam. The expense and trying to invent things and use methods that avoid collateral damage and victims is what is killing many of our men at arms in Afghanistan and previously in Iraq. The people in these countries are responsible. They must bear the responsibilty and consequences. Please dont forget war is killing.
http://www.reelcollectibles.co.nz/images/gerry_anderson/gerry_anderson_ufo_shado_2.jpg Scared now. Gerry Anderson was so far ahead his time he's making Roddenberry look steam punk
@ myale Everything they do to the laser's target to make it resist laser fire reduces its capability. @ jvsirman While it is possible to overwhelm any defense it will take more than 5 mortar rounds when it is fielded. Despite the wide availability of man portable antitank weapons tanks are still the king of the battlefield. What got so many of our people killed in Vietnam is not taking the war to the enemy and trying for a negotiated settlement rather than a victory.
Robert Gillis
jvsirman's observations are valid. Counter technology generally is only a 'step' behind! Just imagine what this kind of scientific advancement and technology were to be put to use for the 'physical' and 'mental' enhancement and upgrading of human kind's current attitude and state of mind in this regard!
Alonzo Riley
Put a couple corner reflectors on anything to neutralize the laser mount.
Looks like MTU on wheels. Amazing how long a corporation can dither after technology is transitioned from a USG lab.
The Skud
Apart from the worry of all that vehicle needed - presumably - to carry the power supply, especially the bigger wattage versions, this would make a fantastic hunting weapon. Pre-BBQ-ed deer (or very 'crispy' rabbit) anyone?