now we can just put a tiny gas motor on it to charge up the battery for long distances
The problem with any ebike that keeps assisting past 20mph is that it is illegal. If you have people blasting on trails at those speeds you will definitely have people calling for laws banning them. All 4 ebikes I have stop providing assist after 20mph, which is about the speed most non assist bikes top out at on any trail except downhill. While I think this is a neat bike, I think it will do harm to the ideal of every bike on every trail...
Class 3 can pedal up to 28 mph. ITt can be used on ORV trails and many other places besides bike trails.
guzmanchinky, couldn't agreed more...
“... years of research and development” my @$$. Take a hd frame with custom bottom mount, stick a Bafang Ultra Magnesium drive unit on it, a widely available li-ion downtube battery, and other decent conventional mtb components on it and ... now you have a breakthrough?! And have you ever tried going 30+ on a hardtail, even on the road?! And $7k for a hardtail? ROFL all day!
many designated bike trails have 15 MPH speed limits but even the unassisted bike riders go over the speed limit by a bit. Anyone doing 35 or 40 MPH on a 15 MPH trail passing little kids and people walking dogs deserves to get ticketed but just because it can go that fast doesn't mean you have to. Pretty much every street legal automobile in the US will do 120 MPH and almost none of them will ever see pavement where doing that is legal. At full power the 3,000 watt motor will drain the battery pretty quickly. The cost for the 3,000 watt motor with the huge 1680 Wh battery is about $10k. Even though ebike pricing has come down a lot there are still significant diminishing returns in efficiency going over 25 MPH that are hard to get around.
Nice bike, I like the Ultra Max but the stock unit without an aftermarket controller only produces 1500W peak not 3000W. Even if it had an aftermarket controller on it that frame pack cannot produce 60amps of power. I have yet to see a Chinese frame pack that can put out more than 40 Amps and 95% of them top out at 30 Amps continuous. Glad to see HPC is still churning out bikes. More companies should follow their lead.
Daishi, I personally feel that cars in the US should be restricted to 85 at the most. Give me a reason why they should not be? And New Mariner, yes, it can be used on ORV trails at high speed, but seeing what I see on mountainbike trails, a huge number of riders don't use common sense or obey the rules anyway, especially bombing downhill where they know there are hardly any cops to enforce anything...
Forgive my ignorance but how is having a hard tail,except weight,simplicity & cost, a advantage over suspension? Good luck with sales at that price. Have to also chuckle with "years of research & development."
Ahh, yes, wish there were a lot fewer cops to enforce ridiculous, idiotic laws that are so archaic and give us back some of our freedom! Especially on the water where you can hardly go boating in Ontario anymore without being stopped by cops checking everything in the hope of giving out that tax grabbing lucrative ticket!