Vasco Regula
Amazing article, thank you for this.
W Truter
So, you are saying that they have a dark room that is painted black on the inside. The scientists then sent a blind person in and told him to find a table which they think is about X paces in and Y paces to the left. The blind person came back and said yes, there is definately an object there. It is square, but he is not sure if it is a box, a table or a large chair....Time to find the lightswitch in this dilemma
Talha Asmal
@W Truter I think you've got the majority of it right. The only change I would make is to say the blind person found a square object, but it was A paces in and B paces to the left, rather than X paces in and Y paces to the left.
... I could probably do without Facebook etc, i still need email, BUT I could not do without the work you guys at GizMag do! Now I have a clear picture of what was really discovered. Thankyou
Anadish Pal
Surely, the most lucid article on the subject.
Only with baryon asymmetry Higgs Boson could have done what it has done, if there had been equal number of Anti Hiigs Bosons, then the universe wouldn't have had gravity. But why baryon asymmetry at all?
I offered an alternative view. A bit of it is on my website. The initial findings in 2010 were filed by way of a US patent in April 2011 -- on the Fukushima disaster day. The application was published a few days back by the USPTO. Dr. Dodson could find it interesting as a patent agent, possibly. As he switched from formal research to other things, I switched from a medical student to amateur research.
Matt Rings
Will re-read again, to soak up all the great Gizmag for just this sort of techie stuff! Hooyah!
Pecos Pete
A quotation from the CAT on RED DWARF "So What is it"
Fascinating. Pieces and parts of atoms. Only wonder how to find the antiparticles (if they are there). Have often wondered how these would relate to cosmic strings and bent space/ time. Always figured bent space was the only place where the speed of light varied. only place to measure a change anyway. Guess they have probably already tried emf to see if they can curve the pieces.?(bosons-neutral or charged (anticharged?))
Fretting Freddy the Ferret pressing the Fret
Good read. People can appreciate this scientific work more by reading this.
Early man, the curious monkey, picked up a stick to use as a tool. He picked up another and thought, "I wonder what will happen if I bang them together?" No matter how expensive and complicated it gets, banging stuff together to see what happens seems to be a major activity for mainstream science which has an unexamined assumption that the universe is non-biological. What if it's not?