44 mph, are we missing something here? Imagine designing a super car that tops out at 90 mph, Kormoran we have a problem!
All that power and innovation and it's slower than a jet ski? Am I missing something here? Other than that, that looks awesome!
A stinky name for such a beautiful vessel
I think that is really neat. Perhaps James Bond newest vehicle? Having it transform sounds like something Q would come up with.
very good renderings, but how to get propulsion on hydrofoils ?
Looks great...but thats it, performance is not there. Looking at the presentation links, there appears to be a water jet in each of the two outriggers and one in the monohull...what is powering the outrigger jets? Also look at the hydro set up, If this craft is hydroplaning, where is the power coming from...a few holes in either the description or the presentation...which?
Dirk Scott
Lose those deadly sticky-up doors guys! They're always there on the prototype cars but they soon go when production looms. All the things this beastie does are out there already. The difference is in putting them together in one package. That probably explains the low speed: too much tech crammed into a tiny craft, like one of those fat multi-tools with too many attachments. It also means no patent protection. That leaves the super rich market, but they can afford to have separate (really fast) speed boats and bathing platforms etc. and don't care about economy. Basically there is no market niche for the product.
Lewis M. Dickens III
Amazing how lifelike renderings have gotten now. Would be great to know the platform used. Bill
Daryl West
I came up with a design just like this, several years ago now. The difference being was that my design was much larger and the concept was a motor sailing yacht. I do not see the point in having 'variable geometry' applied to small vessels. A large yacht, that can increase its width for stability and space makes more sense. As for the speed, although it is a might slower than many hydro-jet powered vessels, 44mph maintained over 100Nm, is pretty reasonable, IF the sea state allows. I too noted that there was a lack of information regarding the propulsion whilst in 'Hydrofoil Mode'. And yes, 'Q' would be proud! Though he'd probably get around the hydrofoil propulsion issue with judicious use of a mini gas turbine! All said and done, if it saves on fuel, then it has to be acceptable, performance wise, it doesn't need to be an offshore power boat and jet ski's should be banned anyway....
Jim Sadler
It is a design exercise for which I see no real world need. I suppose it is good to show your friends that you can waste money.