Ken Dawson
Hopefully they added a GPS chip so they can find it again.
Ken Tuck
Ha! I'm a veteran of hitchhiking across Canada. If hitchBOT makes it past Wawa, I'll be very impressed.
Larry Hooten
People steal scrap metal all the time. This robot will be stripped for parts long before it gets to British Columbia.
Canada is probably a lot safer than the U.S., but in this day and age, if the bot is not only GPS-tracked but also visually tracked, who's to say that someone won't at some point install a vibration-triggered or radio controlled IED inside of it? Further, if this gathers enough attention and successfully completes its trek, there are lots of crazy out there that will use the idea to lure travelers to pick up and transport their innocent-looking yet dangerous bots. Call me crazy, but I also have a similar concern about the many money quests that are popping up around the U.S. It doesn't take a devious mind, just someone out for kicks, to lead people into dangerous circumstances.
If this bot isn't visually tracked, I see some potential liability if something nefarious happens.
Bob Flint
If it ever gets placed on the roadside;
a) wind gust from a large vehicle will knock it over. b) trashed into bits from being hit. c) without advertising, ignored... d) stolen for parts after a, b, & c
Michael Crumpton
I give it less than a week before it is run over.
Some college students will put it in a metal cocoon and hold it for ransom!
Bob Ehresman
Anyone want to start a pool on how many tweets get emitted before he becomes salvage?
Gives drivers something to aim for ;)
The Skud
Even in law-abiding(?) Canada, this idea will last a very short time before it gets a slug or two through it from the first gun-toting redneck unlucky and frustrated hunter looking for a road sign to perforate. "Hello1 I am hitchBOT, a friendly ro" BOOM! "ro ro ro urgh..."