Why oh why weren't we show this TV in standard presentation mode? Mighty suspicious.
Apart from a cool factor, I don't see an advantage.
I wonder what algorithms, run on what processor and where, determine what parts of a broadcast image should be displayed and what parts should be transparent. On the information in the article alone, I assume this would require some very special video techniques.

Cool, sure, but also mostly useless, it would seem.
Definitely a cool factor username. With this technology there are more possibilities toward 3D without the glasses I would think. What if there were a couple or more screens lined up (certain distance apart perhaps) that could create this. Sei dong? (Who knows?) I say bring it on and down the road we will hear if this TV works as promised. $7,200 is out of my reach (wife you know) but there will be buyers here.
A clear screen; why?
Of course the "extra rich blacks" and "infinite dynamic contrast" are only available in a completely dark room. Black is the absence of light (and color). You display black on a convemtional OLED display by turning off the LEDs so what you see is the dark, nearly black background of the display.
I suppose it's one way of making sure the cleaner doesn't 'forget' the pile of dust and dead flies accumulating behind the TV...
Mark Keller
Integrate this tech into vehicle windshields and you have an amazing heads up display for navigation that can be layered over the actual roads and buildings, during inclement weather and nighttime driving the screen could enhance the view,

Important traffic information, and vehicle/driver warnings, would be at eye level and be less distracting than having to take your eyes off the road to look at a smaller screen in the center of the dash and lower down. Side and rear mirror views could be displayed on the screen as well, if someone wanted to try that configuration.

Cost and durability are the limiting factors, but I can see this becoming a thing in 10 years (or less) as most of the bugs are worked out by then.
No matter how useless some people think this is, it's definitely cool. Like everything else, the price will drop in time. No mention of 4K or 8K, but I would set it up in front of a window.
Matt Fletcher
This is/will be huge & has been scene coming in movies like Minority Report and Avatar. Jettex, Mark Keller, & buzzclick are right on the money, it will be in cars, layered for 3d gaming, and windows. My prediction is this will be huge in the new way of working with virtual meetings. Imagine having just the figure of the speaker standing in front of you while you stare out into your garden. You could have multiple TVs hung around a table or desk with multiple people displayed, then flip a switch and the screens float to the ceiling out of the way.