Søren Algreen-ussing
how good of the onerable and esteemed Gizmag to purvey a budget project, for once,,. Yes, I am also a Dane, - but, I don\'t like to fall down.
Todd Dunning
But is it Green? It\'s not any good if it\'s not Green. And how much C02 will it exhaust into space? Might that cause the Sun to warm?
Mr Stiffy
Why is it that the only \"creative expressions\" that the people who write this articles use, is really pin headed terms like \"bizarre spacecraft\" and \"weird\". And the same stupid words are used for sea life and all sorts of things. Stupid cliches come from stupid people. How about \"Amazing\", \"Far Out\", \"Incredible\" and \"Super Cool\" etc..... Provided that ALL the bigs are sorted out on this - I\'d be in like Flynn on riding this one.
I am curious to know how they are going to keep the \"Observer\" alive. Do the attach electodes to the chest and revive them once the ascent is over? I mean all that blood rushing from the head to the feet away from the brain and the heart. That couldn\'t be good for you. Could be why at NASA and in Russia they launch with the feet elevated lying on their back. Its an assisted suicide machine made to look like a rocket, to get around the Euthanasia laws.
Perhaps the USA should LOOK into saving tons of dough by using this group\'s skill.
How utterly, completely, geekily cool is this! Foxy, a pressure suit takes care of the blood-rushing-to-the-feet bid'ness. JW
\"This wasn\'t the first attempt at launching the bizarre spacecraft. Copenhagen Suborbitals planned the test for last year, though it failed because of a malfunctioning hairdryer...\" BEST.LINE.EVER!
Gregg Eshelman
Do they have anyone named Desdemona on the crew? ;)
Jim Andrews
Um , do they know that outer space is WAY colder than that and an electric hairdryer is not going to be enough to keep anything warm for very long. What about cooling for when you get too hot from the sun? So when the craft is turned towards the sun ; You get instantly cooked. You get flash frozen on one side and fried crispy on the other side kind of like a dinner in a microwave.
Lamar Havard
Very Cool! And CERN has captured and held antimatter atoms for a record 16 minutes. Now all we need is for Zefram Cochrane to be born and we\'re SET!