Fairly Good economy but 400cc isn't really low capacity by world standards.
I think there is a strong market for this product. These are the typical mods that many do to the cb500x.
However, I would toss the headlight bars and try to find an aftermarket headlamp grill. Too much weight for the benefit. Also, I'd make the back rack closer to even with the back seat to increase its capacity combined with the back seat.
I hope the suspension is at least the same or more than the cb500x.
If you want more power, clearance, etc., then get something else. I love adventure bikes, but you had to be a giraffe to climb up on most of them. This suits my needs almost perfectly.
heh, I used to ride on Bulldog, but from Yamaha.
Robert Bogart
Needs 150hp minimum
Τριαντάφυλλος Καραγιάννης
All well and good on the tech side, Gizmag, but the bike is plain butt-ugly. This must be the ugliest bike I've ever laid eyes on, in all respects. Geometry, colour schemes (I've seen a few), you name it. It has the seat of an Africa, a midsection luckily-not-seen-anywhere-else and the front is a mix between a Triumph Speed Triple R (the old one, still a very lovely bike) and a Unimog. No like
Tim Skidmore
I still ride a 1976 Suzuki GT500 (parallel twin two-stroke), I use it as a run about and a touring bike. This is the first bike in a long time that tempts me to possibly replace it for active duty.
Al Taylor
Interesting. For a time I was hoping I could buy a diesel motorcycle from HDT which designed a model for the military but never released a civilian model. It was based off a Kawasaki KLR in which HDT placed their diesel engine. This Honda is an interesting alternative especially with the claimed 93 mpg which is only 10 % less than HDT claims for their diesel bike (102 mpg). I like this new trend where logic offers an alternative to insane performance.
Pretty neat bike. Would probably be perfect for my wife. MPG is top drawer. I'd sure like to test ride one and see if a 28" seat height is crazy for a 6' frame. My wife rides a Harley but would be better suited to a smaller/lighter bike. Actually she'd love to have a Harley LiveWire.
I've done the big trailie thing for 20yrs which arent as imposing for a 6'4" tall guy. IMO they're too big/thirsty/fiddly for serious touring other than well paved roads within 400mls of base. Great when brand new but get the miles on and all of them (BMW, Triumph, KTM) corrode, fall to bits and wont start requiring serious bucks to keep them anywhere near usable (40k mls a yr) or if you're a TV star a good support truck in tow. Honda have really hit the sweet spot with this wee beastie. Presumably 1/3rd price of a premium uber-trailie and the same amount of fun unless you're the kind of rider who wants +100mph screaming rocket.....errr might I suggest a new R1 if you do?! Bravo Honda design bunnies. Cracking job. Especially like the inbuilt tank storage which appears to carry enough for a UK-Marrakesh sojourn. Light, frugal and because it's a honda it'll be bomb proof.
Keith Reeder
"Honda's CB500 has been with us for just a few short years"
You sure abut that?