Scott Satellite
Oh dear God, please put all the wraps back on. Ugliest car ever since the Pontiac Aztec. And that's saying a lot considering what has been released by Toyota over the past year.
Michael Wilson
bring it to the US honda!
They managed to make it look incredibly dull then? What is wrong with Honda's design studio (the concept NSX aside, of course)?
Ahmei Thao
no one want's to say it (since it is a type r), but it definitely borrowed it's body from a egg shaped prius, lol
Don't care how good the computers & diffs are. There is just no way I want that level of torque on a front wheel drive car.
Didnt someone do a test and put the maximum HP that you want in a FWD car is like 250? Accelerating out of an apex with this will surely put you into the wall or off a cliff
Kevin Ritchey
A bit high priced for slapping a turbo onto a Civic, what was intended as a commuter car, hence the name. I love the idea of extra horsepower but in this economy, who is the market? And the styling? Prius meets Lambo.
Speed and more useless speed contributing nothing to the betterment of our world. I'd much rather see a "performance" Honda that can do 200mpg at a stripped down 10,000 price tag. Now that's performance in your wallet and the environment.
You guys are so negative! Who's gonna listen to you anyways? Unless you are a car engineer, quit taking stabs at the new Type R. If you don't like it... build one better. Oh wait you can't.
Type R
You people have to remember, This car is for those who enjoy tuning and drag racing. If you do not like it bug off. I absolutely love the honda motor company and as far its been the best car development in the industry. Now please bring this hot sexy lady to the USA. I WANT TO TEST DRIVE OF IT.