Seems fine for town dwellers, who never want to travel out of town. Otherwise, a two car ownership will be essential.
I really love the design and how Honda kept it pretty close to the concept. I’d really love to see this with double the range. It sits in line with our current LEAF, which is a great city car, but the travel radius is just a tad short for ultimate usability. It’s target market, though (people who drive fewer than 50 miles per day) should be thrilled with this car!
Here's the conundrum: It's a city car. Most people in cities have no garage to plug it in...
Perhaps Honda could be honest and reveal the approx mileage at which, for an ideal owner, the batteries will reach 'half-life' and the range will be down to a mere 62 miles. Then what percent of battery capacity will be lost when it is 5 C outside. Also how passengers will be heated during the winter months.
Ned Baldwin
This is a suburban car and its 125 mi range is very adequate for most metropolitan areas. For the occasional long trip, rather than owning a second car, consider renting one. This is a great car which would be even greater with AWD. I would buy one tomorrow if they were available... NED
...looks a little like the AMC Gremlin from the early 70's.
I hate the term "city car", I live in the countryside and small so called city cars are ideal for the country lanes around here. The nearby village is 2 miles away, 5 miles to the small town and 10 miles to the big town. Filling up with petrol would mean driving to town, there are no small local garages anymore, with an electric vehicle all I would have to do is plug in.
those big wagonwheels and rubberband tires and limited suspension travel means the ride will likely be teeth-chatteringly rough over anything other than glass-smooth roads. why oh WHY can they not go back to regular wheels with nice high-profile rubber and make them ride more softly like they did before?
It's got a lot of the old Peugeot design...
Imran Sheikh
I like the retro design, appears to to be a concept car from 80's, still practical. Just paint it more off white.