Typically Honda. Short shift to electrics. Which eventually will be it's downfall as others race ahead. Toyota is the same way. Both are now backwards facing technology companies.
This looks interesting but will probably to too complicated and expensive to compete. What I would really like to see is a return to the old moped design of 40 years ago. I consider the current small wheel scooters to be far more unstable than the old bicycle sized wheel designs. The old moped is still made and sold almost everywhere in the world but is totally unavailable in the US. I WANT ONE !!!
Tom Lee Mullins
The three wheel version has a transformer look to it. I think it looks neat.
As much as I appreciate the three wheeled technology, I agree that Honda is lost for new markets. For me being a newie To two wheeled travel, I can see massive holes in what is available. I like scooters because of ease of ownership and convenience. Auto and easy of operation. But I also hate their shortcomings. Potential for storage but real lack of and junk ride. I like motorbikes but I hate manuals , I have a dicky back and I really don't need all that much power. And where do I store my helmet? They have a lot of potential , just need to stop playing "me too." When I grow up, I want a T-Rex.
This borrows heavily from BMW's design language and probably one-ups CanAm's Spider, but not as a touring machine. Provided the price point is within reason it should do very well. With mid-engine layout it should handle neutrally but I would wonder about under-steer in hard cornering or in the wet. Otherwise, a superb and meaty execution.
Honda is old tech. It hates electrics and that's the wave of the future not these old gas dinosaurs.
Anthony Parkerwood
It would be great to see something like the Renault Twizy, with a petrol or hybrid motor and slightly edgier Honda styling.
Richard Bolman
I currently have one of the Piaggio MP3 (250), and I'd love to buy this. But, as concepts tend to go, this probably will never see the light of day, and if it does $$$$$$...
I just love the similarity to
That Honda is willing to get into the tilting-trike platform is huge. About time.
I wish it were on something not as YOOOGE as a 6 cylinder 1800cc platform (MP3, anyone? Maybe a midrange tilting standard?) but at this point we can't be choosers.
I'm having sp uch fun on my new-to-me 250 Ninjette that I'm excited for their latest take on the quarter-liter class.
Anything with 3 wheels, that I could actually afford, would work for me. For those of us with balance issues (I had to put "training wheels" on my beach cruiser, for heaven's sake - don't think THAT'S not embarrassing) it would be nice to have a decent way to get around.
I doubt that this product is it, though - it looks very expensive. And by "expensive", I mean similar in price to a car or high-end motorcycle.
Cool product, though!