Mark Thomas
Wonder how much they spent on marketing and focus groups to come up with that name?
Looks good. Hope they don't rust out like a typical Civic.
Bill Bennett
Interesting engine mounting location, could that cause more engine noise inside the cabin than an under the wing nacelle?
@BillBennett - According to Honda ( there's less noise.
Great little jet but does anyone else think it has too few windows (port holes really)? Love the engine placement for several reasons, including being out of the way of ground debris, sand etc. Can hardly wait to see one doing acrobatics in the next James Bond flick: out for a nice London to Ibiza vacation with the next Bond Girl and her dog, when Specter tries to shoot him down. After Bond pulls 7 G's and watches the wings of Specters plane fold up, he finally looks back into the cabin to see that the dog is wearing her sun dress and she has on nothing but the fur throw from the couch...
4.5 Million is a bit ridiculous for the "low end" of the business jet market.
I'll either buy one of these jets, or, a Dodge mini-van. Oh, wait, the mini-van can carry 7, plus it can go through most tunnels. Just sayn'
Window shape is much a matter of being a composite aircraft. All composite planes have rounded windows. Ever see Burt Rutan's planes?
Engine placement was for low sound and efficiency. Airflow directly into the engine rather than the close to fuselage where airflow is more disturbed
If the engine pylons were horizontal and fixed to the fuselage like the Lear or Cessna Citation jets then very few people would criticise the design. Fixing the pylons vertically on the wings has many advantages. Firstly as has been said by other contributors it reduces noise, drag and eliminates the "vacuum cleaner" effect of picking up trash from airstrips. A very big advantage is that the thrust of the engines is directly transmitted to the wings not via the fuselage which would need to be much more heavily braced to transmit the thrust to the wings. This makes the whole aircraft lighter and more spacious.
It looks like a really nice airplane, but the engines sound a little funny!