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... but how does the hornet use the electricity to power its activity?
@Facebook User - better explanation given on the BBC website of the same story: http://news.bbc.co.uk/earth/hi/earth_news/newsid_9254000/9254445.stm
This article reminds me of a scripture in the Bible @ Psalms 104:24
Adrian Akau
Is it not the heat from the sunlight which may increase the activity of the wasp since the wasp is as cold blooded as a reptile? Perhaps the wasp uses the electricity in some other way. such as in sensing.
Ċ½eljko Zike
No, this doesn\'t remind me of Psalm 104:24. God has nothing to do with this. I\'m glad that nature, not scripture, inspires scientists to move forward and think of benefits for human kind.
Matt Rings
@?eljko: chill, please. Be a bit more gracious and accepting of other cultures and beliefs. It\'s a small planet and we all have to get along...and it starts with you and me. You may not agree, but let\'s keep it civil.
It\'s not about agreeing or disagreeing - it\'s about right and wrong. There was nothing insulting or uncivil in elijko\'s response anyway. Hijacking a comment thread about photovoltaic wasps to promote a Bible verse that denies evolution was impolite proselytizing, however.
eljko and alcaide are both Evolutionary knuckle dragging insensitive morons. The Bible was written by Born Again Christians for Born Again Christians to read. You can\'t understand it because you are reading someone else\'s mail...it wasn\'t written to you, but to me and millions of other Born Again Christians who do understand it. So back off and spew your hate and venom somewhere else. Between eljko and alcaide you both together may have the brain pan of a half wit...if you can look around at the earth and universe and believe the evolution lie that it all came from NOTHING...then you are truly a product of our now Godless Socialist State run school system. One day you will meet Jesus face to face and you better be ready before that happens. Thanks donwine...that was a good verse to describe this interesting Hornet story.
Anumakonda Jagadeesh
Yet another innovative adoption of Biomimicking. Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP),India
Racqia Dvorak
from above linked BBC article: \"\"We assume that some of the energy is transformed in a photo-biochemical process which aids the hornets with their energy demanding digging activity,\" Dr Plotkin told the BBC. The solar-powered hornets have one further unique claim. Until now, insects were thought to perform metabolism in an organ known as the fat body, which performs a similar function to the human liver. Most of the fat body is in an insect\'s abdomen surrounding the gut, where it can quickly take up absorbed nutrients, though some is scattered elsewhere. \"We have found that the main metabolic activity in the Oriental hornet is actually in the yellow pigment layer,\" says Dr Plotkin. \"