Seems like climate scientists get fooled a lot. Maybe they've been fooled about being fooled.
Tom Swift
"...Then when the Ice Age came to an end, around 11,500 years ago..." What!! the climate changes without man??!
Science is an amazing thing but the scientists can make mistakes or draw the wrong conclusion. The fact that they spend so much effort finding and reporting errors makes all the rest of the scientific that much more trust worthy for those who aren't in the field. I'm glad I can use it's benefits (medicine, internet, smart phones, cars, flight, power grid etc.), I just wonder what the thinking or hubris is to dismiss the results that are not what I want them to be. Science seems like the kind of thing to use or not but have the courage to go all the way with that choice and abandon it entirely or embrace it completely.
Robert in Vancouver
So ice is melting because heat is rising up from below, not because of CO2. Guess that means the science isn't settled Mr. Al Gore.
Yet another nail in the coffins of climate alarmists? Those coffins ought to be pretty darned heavy now. What are they now, 98% made up of nails?
Rann Xeroxx
Nothing really new in the world, it's all in flux, always has been, always will be. How do you "fight climate change", it the most idiotic statement.
I was going to say, "Cue the anti-science idiot crowd", but I was too late!
Perhaps there should be a science literacy test prior to being allowed a computer and internet access.
There is plenty of evidence that forest fires happened long before the appearance of humans, so clearly a forest fire last year couldn't have been started by a careless camper. Welcome to the defective logic of climate change nay-sayers.
Douglas Bennett Rogers
Not much mention is made of dessert irrigation, which a crude calculation shows has about five times the effect of industrial CO2.