Mark A
$433 per square foot is quite a premium for prefab.
65 big ones, bit of a joke. Good luck selling them :)
Paul Hutchinson
you say house... I say shed.
Jon A.
A $65K garden shed. It IS pretty, but on the other hand, there is no insulation whatsoever, or even all that much weatherproofing. There\'s also not much privacy.
Keith Reeder
Isn\'t this just a caravan with the wheels off?
Some government subsidy and presto, cheap housing for the poor of the world.
Mushi insulation either? The materials don\'t warrant such a high cost. I think my AbleNook makes more sense, but then I may be biased...
Jon A.
Maybe if they didn\'t ship it flat, and actually built them on an assembly line they would be more reasonably priced. It would be easily transportable fully assembled.
ridiculous! where I live you can buy a decent 1,500 sq.ft. home for $65k... I imagine the people in \"impoverished\" areas suffering some kind of natural disaster will truly appreciate this... for that kind of coin it should come on wheels with a cat diesel pusher, slide outs, bathroom and kitchen...
in what world is this thing \"affordable housing\" unless you\'re thinking of using it as a pre-fab tree house in Beverly Hills. Don\'t think snow load would work well either. Pretty but nuts.