Marilyn Harris
I'm not sure why they stopped before the moment of impact...?
This is a fairly trivial alternative solution to a far cheaper solution: Bike Helmets. However, the underlying technology is a great start at a body jacket for motorcycle riders and something similar for ultralight airplane pilots. The significant price of this makes a complete dead end for bicyclists but it may well be a reasonable choice for bikers and ultralight pilots.
Larry English
there is no WAY! i would not use this thing if they paid ME $540
Yeah. It's not very compelling without showing impact.
One has to wonder if they've done their market research given the price point they've chosen. At the prices shown it doesn't bode well for sales. While I love the idea, it's not feasible at the listed price for the vast majority of bike owners.
T N Args
What are you guys moaning about, $540 is CHEAP for a good bike helmet.
The market for a safety product that allows riders to ride bareheaded in good weather, ray bans and bandana, is huge.
Jayna Sheats
I don't understand the complaint about price, since it is hard to buy a bicycle other than a kid's toy for less than that, and the danger is only increasing with time due to the increase of traffic congestion and friction between car drivers and bike riders. While it's appearance is not perfect, it definitely beats the standard helmet for anyone who wants to ride a bike as a commuting or shopping transportation. And while formal test data would be desirable, it seems pretty likely that this will beat the conventional helmet hands down.
@Jayna Sheats:
The end of the article (now) links to here:
and you're right. :)
This is a very good idea.
Iain Salmond
Where are these available ??? Bloody great idea !!