Guessing dubai police are planning to cut down the crime rate literally by landing one of these directly on the fleeing criminals.
I build large UAV's using similar sized propulsion components & avionics. There's absolutely no way I'g go within 10m of my creations when it is being remotely operated for basic safety reasons. These size propellers leave injuries non conducive with life unfortunately.
This is essentially an unstable scooter surrounded by human blenders. Anyone who has fallen off a motorbike knows that when things go wrong you have almost no control of where/how you get spat off.
I really hope no one get hurt on this maim-machine.
What's its name? The Decapitator?
I’m looking forward to (hopefully) similar vehicles becoming rather common. For $150k (or even over $30k) it’ll have to offer at least a 50 mile range at the low end. Otherwise it’s just an overpriced toy.
bunch of babies, jump on and RIDE it !! , this thing can do SO much more than shown, Get the guys at heroflyer to show you how it's done ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Hvtp0QBoA4
It's built in Russia, a culture known for it's overwhelming dedication to human safety through engineering. It's got exposed blades with enough kinetic energy to kill. It costs a fortune. The only people that would buy this are terrorists who want to use drone mode to deliver 150 pounds of explosives.
Fairly Reasoner
And I wouldn't ride a lawnmower upside down, either.
Check out the cost of prosthetics prior to purchase!
With that seat placement, I'm not sure I'd want to.
Put some guards on it heavens sakes. How ridiculous.