Mike Donovan
uhh looks a bit \"tippy\"
Mike, my thots exactly. I would tend to want the primary mass (the rider) to be below the lift fans. There\'s just not much stability in the platform - pitch control is handled, but roll and yaw appear to be dicey. Three, or better, four ducts would bring it to the same control level as those little toy drone copters you see so many of on youtube these days. (Didn\'t they have a couple of them playing tennis just a while back?) Lets just say I hope he survives the pending flight tests...

Best of luck to him, tho - it sure would be awesome, and a long time in coming!
Denis Klanac
This this looks like a whole new level of hurt!
Sean Ellwood
Tippy means acrobatic....
Nacho Lotitto
Me wantz dat =^.^=
Not much different than the 50 year old Chrysler and Piasecki Air Jeeps. VZ-6 and VZ-8.
Looks like a machine designed for paralysing people.
I\'d love a go on it though!
Christopher Porozny
Where do I send my deposit? This thing looks cooler than ride than my Ducati.
You wouldn\'t last a minute if you hit turbulance, I suggest he goes flying in an aeroplane first
helicopters which hang under their lift blades are inherently unstable, they won\'t fly in a straight line all on their own; make a set of remotes for the controls and hang under it would be a better start but gyroscopic and uneven torque effects will play their part too. I salute the \"tron\" style design concept for sheer good looks but if this does turn turtle it will drive you into the ground faster than you can bail out, you would need to be strapped to it and tight!. double the fuel does not mean double the distance more like add one third due to the incredible weight gain. To go forward, the lift at the rear must be greater than the front therefore the resistance to rotating opposing it from the front one will be less; ergo, it will rotate in yaw as soon as you want to go forward. tilting the front and rear sideways a bit might help with this but this will vary with throttle settings when air drag increases as a square of the airspeed. the pilots workload gets very busy very quickly. the faster it goes forward the more it will dive too due to the lift created by the pilots back. A guaranteed way to leave the gene pool. talking of emergencies what happens if the engine dies? pilot does too? reserve chutes add weight too and accidental deployments kill just as many as they save, you also need altitude for a \'chute to work without rockets ( more weight). to stand any chance this would have to be a fly by wire device, The computer accelerometers and actuators will also add weight, would you trust your life to a laptop whilst trying to fly it? build a model and fly that or put a hovercraft skirt on it and then have serious fun.