They're a little late to the scene. http://rideonewheel.com/
According to the Kickstarter site for this product they want a pledge of $3775 which entitles the pledge to one of the 1st 100 hover boards. How many folks are going to plunk down that much for a glorified skateboard no matter how neat the thing looks or is for that matter. When the battery runs out you'll be carrying a 25 lb device and all of a sudden it is going to dawn on you that you've been had because 25 lbs gets awful heavy real quick. Something like this should not be even 300 bucks and should weigh no more than 5 lbs and even 5 gets heavy if you need to carry it very far. If these things actually make it to our sidewalks for that price you can bet that criminals will hi-jack them from the owner.
The electric unicycles, where you stand facing forward with each foot on one side of the wheel, seem to be a more practical approach to me. Much more compact and comfortable. Who would want to spend his whole ride looking 90° sideways?
hover verb remain in one place in the air. In the air this thing is not a hoverboard its a one wheel board!
It looks cool but it's definitely not cheap. For people that don't have the expense of owning cars I suppose some of these expensive e-bikes, electric skateboards, and hoverboards are more affordable. I guess it depends if you see it as a cheap method of powered transportation or a really expensive toy.
So the Onewheel has a 500W motor while the Hoverboard will have a 5,000W motor, and yet it will still only top out at 16MPH? Interesting!
This thing is so bad-ass. I question whether or not there is a market for such a high-end device, but we shall see.
Vince Pack
Why are people calling these wheeled contraptions "hoverboards"? My bike is now a human powered hoverboard. My car? It's an enclosed hoverboard. My boat is an aquatic hoverboard. My house? Yeah, it's a stationary hoverboard with rooms.
Derek Howe
This thing look awesome, the range is surprising good, and 20mph isn't to shabby (plus, I don't think anyone would feel comfortable on it going any faster). But big downside is the price. Cool things aren't cheap, maybe in 3-5 years they will have their second gen version for 500 bucks or so, then I might pick one up to play around with.
Anne Ominous
The numbers do not add up. Not too many 5,000W motors will travel 10 miles or more without an onboard battery that is far larger than this thing could fit in its bulk. For that matter, batteries aside, I haven't seen a 5,000 watt hub motor that would fit in that wheel. I think somebody goofed, and that the actual W is 500. That might still be pretty impressive for its size, but it isn't adequate to get me around these local hills. Further yet, the price is not adequate to get it into my home.