Julie Wingate
Hello, Thank you for writing this article. I have downloaded each of the 4 Google files you mentioned to our Kindle Fire HDX and opened Gmail just as you described. When I get to the following step I have problems:
"Now you can continue to sideload the Google apps you want to use following the same process as above."
I have tried to go through my computer to the Google Play store but do not know how to save the apps to my computer. When I click "install" it tells me "You haven't accessed your Google Play store app (white shopping bag) on your device with this email address."
I have also tried to get to the Google Play store through my Kindle's "Google Play services" app but I cannot sign in. I push "Sign in" but nothing happens.
Could you please help me download more apps to my computer?
Thank you in advance, Julie
Brian Burgess
Hi Julie,
Actually, you don't download apps from the Google Play Store. You need to install the APKs from sources other than an official store.
If you look further down in the article, I included links to the more popular Google Apps: Chrome, YouTube, Google Search, Google Music, Google Play Movies, Gmail, and Newsstand.
Just download them to your computer and copy them over to your Kindle Fire HDX, just like the first four apps.
Dmitri Dzhinzhihashvilli
Nice! TY v much!
Is it safe to delete these 4 Google APKs if I decide I don't I like or want them after I install them?
Will my Kindle Fire HD still work if I delete them? I want to get rid of the constant error messages.
Thanks in advance for your further advice.
… and if it's safe, what do I have to do to delete them?
Brian Burgess
@N8S: Yes you can delete the Google Apps you no longer want without causing any issues.
However, the first four apps that you install in order first - those are required in order for the other Google apps you sideload to work.
As far as the errors, that's just something you have to live with. When you root a device or sideload apps that aren't in the official Amazon Appstore, you can't expect them to work perfectly. You're hacking the device, and that causes unwanted issues. It's not an exact science.
To uninstall, just find the app you want to remove, Go to the apps section, tap and hold it until the context menu appears, and select Remove from Device"
Uh, this is old news. I've had google apps on my kindle hd for about a year from guess what... An app. I pushed one button and got gmail, google+, youtube, etc.
Bob Buchko
Anyone have a link to a safe version of Google Hangouts? My parents are Kindle users and I'd love to let them easily see their grandson without having to fire up their slow-as-dirt circa-2008 netbooks.
Tommy Lee
After installing Google Account Manager and rebooting. I tried installing Google Service Framework and got an error message: "There is a problem parsing the package. " I tried rebooting and reinstalling/ re-downloading the APKs. Any suggestions? Thank you.
Rodo Gioberti
youtube doesnt even need any of this stuff, you just can grab Youtube APK, sideload and install it!