I don't know who would be in the market for this but that tank did have a very nice wench.
It looks like sort of a cross between their last Ripsaw and the Riptide they demo'd as an amphibious vehicle. If the military doesn't need one they can always sell them to police since they are almost just as militarized and have budgets that rival the militaries of other regular countries.
If the NYPD was an army it would be the 20th best funded army in the world putting it ahead of North Korea.
TANK?! Ummm no...that looks like it has almost NO armor. I'd wager an M2 .50BMG would take it out. That isn't a tank, it's a glorified tracked dune buggy. Know why it's the fastest tracked armor. Tanks have armor.
Aussie Bob
I wonder if it is, or can be made road legal? Now that would be fun :-)
I've seen a documentary about the life of indigenous Reindeer herders in Siberia, in which the children were picked up and taken off to boarding school for the semester in a tracked vehicle - working as a bus.
It's possible to imagine a wealthy Russian oligarch wanting one of these as he rides around visiting his natural gas wells in Siberia.
But it seems misleading to call it a "tank", just because it has caterpillar treads.
Merriam-Webster - tank: an enclosed heavily armed and armored combat vehicle that moves on tracks
I guess that's one way to make other drivers let you in. Hehe.
Zachary E. Mohrmann
Hay....! Not for nothing ya have to give it to those Howe brothers, they do have a passion to try and build whats on there mind, and spending a whole hell of a lot of money doing so....! Can Ya'll say the same thing for your selves ...?
Mike Akulov
There are many reasons for replacing datasheet with stupefying noise, flashy video and irrelevant pictures of a half-naked woman. 600hp diesel on 6 big wheeled lightweight chassis will show much better performance for much less cost. This is much worse mockery of a tank, than Hammer of M998 Humvee I wonder how many people with disposable $100,000 can't understand performance data and overall purpose (or its absence in this case)? Give me a call. I have better project in mind.
S Michael
Lease it to the movie studios for SyFi movies. Otherwise, it's worthless..