Obnoxious? No. Crazy? Absolutely. Belongs in a sci-fi movie? Yes, please!
If I ever win the lottery, the first thing I will do is order one of their tanks. I've been drooling over them for years.
The article never mentions how it was crowned "most obnoxious". I assume because it was in quotes that it came from somewhere. So where did it come from?
I've loved those Ripsaws since they debuted almost 15 years ago.
look for the next James Bond or fast and furious file for this!
Contact Jay Leno I'm sure he would be interested.
Derek Howe
That thing sounds amazing, that engine is a beast. This would be SOOO much fun to rent for a couple hours!
Mr T
And shit like this is why the Earth, or at least most of the species on it, will die. Humans are frigging selfish and stupid, and there's only one cure for stupid...
So I guess no one saw the last Fast and the Furious movie? It was in that. Also the latest season of the Grand Tour also has this in it. It's definitely cool and definitely far from obnoxious. That award would go to every car overly loud truck, bike, or car with sound system that sits at a stop light and makes your ears hurt inside your closed car.
Michael Allan
Ripsaw Racing . . . They've gotta have racing competitions with these guys . . . Monster trucks, eat your heart out . . .
Hell Yeah! Those look like mind-boggling, life-extinguishing fun. Well, Loz, if you won't go balls out in one, I sure wouldn't. But I'd sure as heck push my own limits. Now, add a 7.62x39 mini-gun and some grenade launchers, swap to a smaller diesel engine, and you have yourself one sweet bug-out vehicle. Unmuffled, they're fun, but I'd want stealth mufflers on my diesel job. All I need now is the lottery win, as jd said. Oohrah!