Tony Smale
Absolutely loved it :)
Well done!
Robert Burke
I guess this may be the first artifact from the the Lost Continent of Atlantis? Off the coast of Spain. For only they would have been able to build such a device. Maybe more are there? But, why found in a locker? A souvenir? Something picked up on a different trip? A sailor\'s token? The Captain\'s locker? I would search off the coast of Spain for more answers.
Fabulous article, thanks. More like it would be appreciated!
Why the need to invoke the legend of Atlantis? As the story says, Archimedes almost certainly created the base prototypes for this and some student of his continued the work. No need for aliens or magic and mysticism. Humans are entirely capable of the mathematics and observation required for this device. The only real difference between us and the people of 2,000 years ago is the technology built, not the brains required to build it. Do you think in 2,000 years time some person will say \"Oh, the internet must have been created by aliens visiting, having returned after building the Antikythera on Atlantis.\"?
Absolutely brilliant! Wow, Genius + Mathematics + Skill = Masterpiece. We common people may not be able to afford this mechanical wonder if and when it goes into production. Is it possible that some bright minds might be able to create a program that can duplicate this and put it as an app for the smartphone? I know it won\'t anywhere close to a mechanical wonder but more people might be able to appreciate the beauty of the thing and its movements? Yes, it would be grate if it could be viewed in layers and all the mechanical movements of the gears simulated. That way the mechanical genius can be appreciated.
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Nice work Loz. Beautifully presented :)
Edgar Castelo
Astonishing! And yes, an app portraying it on 3D would be VERY nice...
Great article and coverage of the subject matter.
The comments about Atlantis are unnecessary! if Robert Burke bothered to look into the Antikythira machine properly he would have found out that later research with more advanced 3D tomography revealed that the mechanism gears have GREEK Inscriptions on them.
Now if this means Atlantis was also GREEK, then I am OK with it.
Bill Kelsey
now here is something worth doing. i would love to have that freaking watch more than anything.....
Chris Hornby
Yes, a great piece thanks!!