Anne Ominous
This doesn't add up. 525 billion tons CO2 = 4.76 x 10^14 kg. There are about 1.4 x 10^21 kg of ocean water. Or nearly 7 orders of magnitude more ocean mass than than much CO2. Even when it's converted to molar equivalents, there is no possible way that much CO2 could "acidify" that much ocean by "30%". It simply isn't possible. Especially considering that the ocean is already a buffered solution, so adding CO2 doesn't simply acidify it... it takes a lot more CO2 than it would for, say, tap water.
Let's face the facts. 1. Solved CO2 can make only sweetwater acidic. The salt content of seawater makes it definitely basic, and carbonic acid is too weak to turn it acidic. Only undersea vulcanic activities (like underwater gas eruptions with sulfur content) can make seawater locally acidic. Only totally uneducated people can belive that solved CO2 can make seawater acidic. 2. The ocean already stores 140,000 billion tons of solved CO2 in it. Hence, the 525 billion tons of human CO2 makes only 0,37% of it. So the 525 billion tons of CO2 can't make any measureable effect. Even if all known fossil fuel reseve on Earth were burned, it could increase the CO2 content of the oceans only by 10,7%. And even then the chemistry of oceans would remain basic. 3. During Cretaceous Age, the atmospheric CO2-level was 4 times higher than today. And that was the time, when the the greatest population of sea creatures with calcum carbonate skeletone were living. 4. Anybody, who had ever seen a soda bottle, should understand at once, that the oceans regulate the atmospheric CO-level. If the temperature is higher, then the equilibrium pressure of CO2 above the soda water will be higher. If the temperature is lower, then the equilibrium pressure of CO2 above the soda water will be lower. If there is more CO2, then the soda water will sink the excess amount to restore the equilibrium. If there is less CO2, then the soda water release the needed amount to restore the equilibrum. 5. There is no measureable correlation between the yearly amount of human CO2 emission and the yearly increase of atmospheric CO2-level, because the oceans regulates the CO2-level in the air. But there is a strong correlation between the global average temperature of a given year and the yearly increase of CO2-level in the air, because it is determined only by the yearly warming of the surface of oceans.
That the ocean floors are dissolving is good news. It means that the top side of the seas will no longer be rising. Of course, this is sarcasm. I'm a geophysicist and agree with the two earlier posts. Good that you published them.
The article says "as the seas get ... more acidic, all kinds of havoc is wrought" in the minds of those who love havoc. As the oceans' pH descends from about 8.0 to 7.9, it has still a way to go before it hits *neutral*. So, the seas are getting more NEUTRAL and ... this is havoc?
OhMyGodWe'reAllGonnaDieAgainAgainAgain! What is the normal annual change in ocean pH (and temperature) for every year in between Ice Ages? (HINT: they have no data for any of it) I'll give you 1,000,000:1 odds they can't tell you that, or where we are between them. All they know is that IT'S MAN'S FAULT! (and women likely have nothing to do with it.) Feh...
Nelson Hyde Chick
Climate change and its ill repercussions will be impossible to reverse as long as mankind is allowed to grow by billions more. Go anthropocene!!!
So if the seafloor dissolves will the oceans pour into the mantle??. Jist kidding.
Yeah, it's not like Global Warming is our problem. Like they say, I'll be dead by then. It's our children's problem and our children's children problem. Who cares, right? /s
If I were to suggest my own math in order to take on the subject, I would first read the whole article on rather than these well-written bullets. I wonder if those commenters who shared their numbers have read the original source and completely.
"Excess carbon dioxide isn't just building up in the atmosphere – the oceans are holding onto more of the stuff too, fizzing them up like soda." How curious. Only yesterday there was a climate change article that was using the DECREASE in dissolved CO2 and O2 in the oceans caused by the rising temperature to make some apocalyptic prediction about us being doomed due to something or other... I wish these scientists would make their minds up!