next step the squid from the movie strange days. can't wait!
An amazing accomplishment. Stepping back a bit, can the electrical activity pattern of a normal walking person be stored on a computer, then played back when attached to a disabled person. Direct interface to limbs bypassing the damage rather then brain to brain. Or better yet, same device using disabled person't brain linked to limbs, in essence creating an artificial nervous system. Its an old topic, but last time it received fan fare, this kind technology was not available. Worth a re-visit.
Bart Viaene
Drill masters will love it : finally, they'll be able to march the entire platoon in a nicely synchronized way ;-)
let's hope interfasing will be use for the good
Mike Hill
I believe it is just one small step away from "Driving Miss Daisy"! Seriously, i really like the structure of the experiment. It will be interesting to keep up with the ensuing progress and how it can benefit society, particularly those with diminished motor function.
Happy Joy
beautiful as where not only can it be used as one application this is a foundation to many variations like handicap of anytype related to humans for one example election impulses to be transmitted to artificial mechanical limbs or even other robotic devices so this will change humanity to the next level as enhancing the normal man but giving the abnormal (handicap) a step up to normality, so thanks the heavens above whatever religion anyone maybe and push super hard unlimited the funding fast as can and dont let this getaway like the gingerbread man you see.
Mexoplex 5 Million
Im sorry, Im glad this is possible. BUT the thought of someone else in my head moving my body parts is creepy as hell. Hollywood is going to make a movie about this.
Joe Sobotka
I agree with Mexoplex. Its VERY cool! But also a tad creepy.
Facebook User
They already did make a movie about it called Brainstorm with Natalie Wood and Christopher Walken The computer sequences were cutting edge and close to now reality.
next - the Vulcan mind-meld