If I'm going to have my head transplanted, I wouldn't want another human body. I'd want a robot body. Better, stronger, faster.
Ryan Gibbons
@Gadgeteer honestly i'd want a genetically modified/improved clone of my own body. that's assuming they will learn how to grow a clone body without the head, for ethical reasons. I'm ok with implants and nanotechnology, but a fully robot body isn't desirable to me right now. I like the human body, i like eating food, and all the other pleasant things that come with being made of wetware. These head transplants have some radical life extension potential.
It's being developed to help people with serious medical mobiilty conditions, but we know who will be first in line for a life extension...
But work out the kinks with the paralyzed patients first.
Bonding two different severed spinal chords with an adhesive (or whatever) is probably the greatest challenge, but for the foreseeable future, the plebes who don't want to die will have to settle for a cyborg setup, since religion doesn't cut it anymore.
I'm thinking that it's not going to be easy to find a supply of donor bodies. Any volunteers?
The Wizard
Nope, don't like it one bit. Just too crazy.
interesting - well that should answer the question of whether all our intelligence and knowledge REALLY is held in our brain tissue - THAT question is still not answered completely - so wonder what 'extra' stuff one might acquire via a new body ? I can understand someone being sufficiently desperate to try this if they have a useless/painful body.
Don Rathburn
Great. I've been looking for a way to get ahead.
Generating a new line of crime: Body stealing. Sniper + doctor = rich old guy in a young body.
Marco McClean
Too late for Spock.
Gerry Lavell
There can be no such thing as a head transplant - it's a body transplant. Transplants are done from the perspective of the recipient and the recipient is the [person inside the] head.