What a great invention! I really hope it succeeds and is not bought out by an greedy fuel company that will make sure it never gets produced (as has happened to many great motor designs in the past). So be careful who you license it to.
I would like to know what fuels it can run on, Is Diesel an option?
Will it be used in motorcycles too?
Pierre-André Aebischer
Very interesting indeed!
I just wish the music in the video was a tad more inline with the innovative features of the engine :-) ( ie: a little more 2011!!)
seems to me like the movement of the pistons is basically at right-angle to the rotation of the thing. That means the ball-bearings in the race will be under a lot of force and I would therefore expect friction in this engine to be high, and therefore reliability and longevity to suffer.
It also doesn\'t show how the combustion is contained.
Pity they didn\'t see fit to show us a video of the actual device in operation. I bet it is extremely loud.
Jelmer ten Hoeve
looks like an great improvement, maby now it will make it easier (more compact) to build in an electric engine in an former benzine/diesel car.
if you want to turn it partly electric, right now I want to make an old citroen DS electric but thats looks impossible right now.
But how efficient is it compared to current diesel engines? and how efficient does he expect it to be after some tuning? This thing is awesome, but if it\'s a gas hog then what was the point?
Maury Markowitz
How is this any different than any of the other swing-piston engines developed over the last 100 years?
It\'s worth pointing out that every single one of them was a technical or financial failure. Usually both.
Will Ogden
At the end of the video it says it can be used in a wind turbine power station. Why would you want to use this in a wind mill to generate power from rotatory motion when you could just use a regular dynamo without the extraneous internal combustion engine components in it? Also, using it as a pump? As long as you don\'t mind getting gasoline/diesel and oil contamination in whatever liquid your pumping. They\'re just trying to make it look more useful than it really is.
Michael Taylor
So difficult not to be pessimistic after decades of seeing ideas like this with almost none of them ever making it into real-world consumer applications. Let\'s hope this one\'s viable and sees the light of day.
Re; Oztechi
\"A greedy fuel company\" stands to make more money if through the long term selling at ever increasing prices that high efficiency engines offer. Unless people figure out that we are not really close to running out of oil.
This is extremely interesting. I love the idea. My question is: does the piston group rotate or does the track rotate? I would wonder if there is a possibility that the kugelmotor could be contained in a wheel with the piston group stationary and the track attached to the wheel so that it would spin. The possibilities are amazing. You could have a trike with one large back wheel with the motor in it and the rest of the trike could be shaped however the maker wants it to be. You cold have the gas tubes and air intake tubes run down the suspension for the wheel and run all the way down to the hub so that it\'s not exposed. I love this!