Ok...it gets 70% better mileage than the up-armored. Will it take anywhere near the same blast?
why is it so ugly? is that pink?
Take it off any sweet jumps?
re; VoiceofReason
It will probably take bigger blasts because it is armored to the same standard and the shape is better.
Re VoiceofReason
No you are right, it is still a rectanglular box with blast traps where the wheels are where all the current generation wheeled personel carriers use the V shaped hull. In fact the up armoured HUMVEE is still not an IED resistant vehicle.
Casspir and Mamba APC type chassais are the sort of vehicle's needed when the front line is the supply line in insurgency warfare. Ignore the pretty shape and the armour spec, form is more important than beauty.
LaShon Smith
that is ugly!! but cool too
Ross Jenkins
It's interesting that it's appearance even matters. considering it purpose. But it does matter. because it's the first thing the enemy see's of you. You want him to think twice about his actions before committing them.
Re; Ross Jenkins
I beleive the right answer is that the insurgents by their very nature are not afraid of consequences of their actions for you or for them, many of which live as though already dead.
The problem is with the IED, which is a device which when planted gives the highest chance of escape and evasion for the insurgent. The only way of properly dealing with it is to watch every living soul like a hawk until they try to plant one.
Slow...where does it say that? It says it gets better mileage.....so does a VW Beetle, but it also won't take a hit. Armor always adds weight. Weight always decreases mileage.
It mentions blast protection but not to what level.
If they wanted a vehicle that got better mileage they could have just had Detroit build a hybrid four door pickup with some added armor and achieved the same results for less cost.
WHEN are they going to build a vehicle that has independent electric wheel motors, on all 4 wheels, each driven by a diesel powered generating system? Seems the Diesel could run at a constant, low rpm speed, and the beauty would be that it would be a "power on demand" system to each wheel. Additionally, they could be "disconnected" if a wheel or motor becomes "disabled". It might just be a heck of a lot more economical to operate as well....
Joel Detrow
Better blast protection than a Humvee, that's practically a guarantee. Stop complaining, folks.