Majed Hosneddine
well it is not worth it at all.
I think that is really cool. If they could make it small enough to fit it into a small RC car, they could fit it into bigger vehicles that can carry people. One could refill the car at home using a device that is similar to the one used to create hydrogen for the little car but on a bigger scale. I think the fuel cell is the future.
Maybe toys like this will convince most people what a lousy energy carrier hydrogen actually is.
Yawn.... Fuel-cell powered toys have been around for over 150 years if you know where to look.... They started out as curiosities.. then in the 60's there were a few toy cars.....then they were a catalog hit in the 70's through mid 80's...then they faded and then came back in the late 80's and early 90's.... Tyco almost created a new series of toys using them... but their buyout killed the whole project.... so now a new real car is on the list of, to be manufactured products, coming out of a new Engineering Center in Texas to run on WATER as the fuel carrier.... Yawn... nothing new or interesting about it....
Jay Finke
I forget, is hydrogen only slightly explosive ?
They could at least have made the car good looking! It's an ugly little lump.
Garage inventors unite! For stuff to tinker with and improve. Sure it may be clunky, but it beats choking on exhaust and knowing the price of water can't be controlled like oil. Just think, you'd save hundreds of dollars a month and the downfall would be your care won't go as fast. Let the people with inferiority complexes buy unpractical super cars.
Kirk McLoren
The simplest lowest tech is compressed air. No catalysts in fact no chemical reactions. Quick to refill if charge station has a tank already compressed and limiting factor is size of hose.
Jim Sadler
Hydrogen is a wonderful fuel with many advantages. Yes you need more gallons of hydrogen than you do of gasoline but then again hydrogen can be compressed. For automotive use hydrogen may not be in the cards because batteries are making breakthroughs now that should make batteries a better choice for cars for quite some time. But for industrial use hydrogen is a blessing. Engines can last a very long time running hydrogen and the pollution of combustion is history with the use of hydrogen. So far it is easy to come by but also expensive to come by. That expense barrier will vanish soon enough.
C'Mon guys, projects like this start small but sometimes develop into practical technologies. Don't be so hard on them. However they certainly have a long way to go. My electric R/C car goes 110 kph (Traxxas Rustler VXL), goes for 15 minutes of racing and I can charge it in 15 minutes. I could charge this G6 chemistry Li-Po battery in under 10 minutes if my bench supply could deliver more than 40 amps. The battery's rated at over 60 amps charge rate. And there are now G8 chemistry Li-Po's that can charge in 5 minutes! If you want to look it up go to Some of these little batteries can deliver over 1000 amps! It's simply amazing! But they're uber-expensive of course.