That's a clever combination. Sort of like a 2 stroke ICE meets steam engine. I guess normally you'd do the heat exchange externally and inject the steam to drive the piston. Is there greater efficiency in doing the heat exchange within the cylinder? Worth exploring due to the similarity between the engine and existing ICE engines. That would allow, presumably, car part manufacturers to turn their spare capacity to making power generators.
Even if it is more efficient than using a Sterling Cycle engine the additional complication of the mechanisms make it less practical.
Matthew Harrison
From your description, that's no longer a combustion engine, as there is no ignition and burning of the oil.
@Slowburn - it is Stirling, not Sterling. Also, I doubt it will be more efficient than a Stirling or Ericsson cycle engine. The only major problem with Stirling engines is their low power density, but that is a non-issue for stationary power plants.
Eron Silva
@Scion: generating the steam where it is needed follows the KISS parameters; @slowburn: although the concept is novel, the 2-stroke ICE fits like goldylocks to implement it; @matthew: the article says "internal Clean engine"; @flame_can AND slowburn: no matter the current efficiency, if this thing runs without fossil fuel then it is a blessing.
Henry Franken
What will happen at night when there is no sun?
Wolf War
Since there is a waste heat in ICE, why not combining 2+2 (or any other combo) 2 cylinders work on fossil fuels, 2 on steam/oil ICE develops much higher temperatures then those from solar collectors and thus more efficiency (more water at once, more steam)
Siegfried Gust
This won't go anywhere. What benefit does it have over electrical energy storage systems.
Wondering: Why not the water meats up with air heated well above 212 deg F? Why oil?If air not hot enough, would not heat of compression be the ticket?
Lee Bell
No particular reason why it should not work but it's going to take a really big solar panel or multiples to get enough hot oil to run more than just a few minutes at a time.