That is impressive.
I think I should have blinked.
Vincent Bevort
Sees this technique in Germany for more than 20 years ago Didn't know you where sooooo far behind
Mel Tisdale
This is very definitely not for me. According to the text it either accelerates at 2.5 or 4.3 times gravity and I don't look forward to either. In the unlikely event that I should ever wish to experience that sort of 'thrill' I will go to a theme park where they have rides built for the purpose.
As for this demonstration, what's new?
Regarding security, give me a couple of sticks of gelignite and I could put it (it being the whole track) out of commission for a week or more.
Did he actually mean to say: "we are standing on hollow ground" instead of "hallowed"?
@Vincent Bevort - Germany has a hyperloop? Link or it didn't happen.
Billy Sharpstick
What a novel idea! Otis made this in the 70s:
He lost me when he said, "We are standing on hollow ground." LOL
It's a wonder people didn't immediately run away, in fear of getting caught in a cavern collapse.
It all looks so promising. Wait'll the Feds get their hands on it, and then it'll die without a whimper.
Derek Howe
I'm a big fan of anything that can get me from A to B, faster. But isn't this basically a maglev train in a nearly airless tube?... (I'm referring to the hyperloop, not this tech demonstrator)